The tickts has arrived ^^

Yey! My tickets came today. Now the trip is really happening. In two weeks I fly out and spend a week with one of my favorite people in the world. I have already prepared the gifts for the people I am going to meet. I am soo happy to be going!
Airplanes, Silhouettes

My holiday far away - northern Norway (Karlsoy).

I am on vacation to one of my favorite places in the world. Paris of the north, the gateway to Arctic and my former home town - Tromsö!!! My hostess and one of my very best friends lives an hours drive north of Tromsö and that is where I am staying. I love it here! Enjoy some pictures!
Me and miss Dyroy at the ice sea.
It was really cold without the jacket, but sure worth the picture!
Two beautiful old ships.
One type of whale meat (hamburger type). Tastes lovely!
Out on the porch. The midnightsun is up and the picture is taken at 1 am. Bright and sunny!
The view from my vacational quarters.
It was quite fun, because this moose was actually chasing a flock of raindeer. I was only a few meters away. The King of the Forest was so impressive!
The raindeer that was chased away.
Fishes - for pleasure or food? I don´t know...

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