Restoring hearing And a "cancer gift"

One of my children has suffered severe damage and loss of hearing due to a weak immune system. This week we got to travel to Uppsala, Sweden (our old home town) to let him undergo restoring ear surgery. 

I am so impressed at what otosurgeons can do!

The surgent marked the ears before the surgery.

It's going to be a long healing process where we're gonna have to travel back and forth to Uppsala many times. We'll start seeing results in about four months. 

Uncle Emanuel with precious Saga. They bring so much joy to my life!

We also had time to enjoy Swedish nature dressed in autumn colors.

Spending time with my children, my sons & daughters and grandchildren is the best thing in the world! My family IS my bucket list.

Absolutely perfect, my beautiful granddaughter.

A big event these last days were when miss Ruth cut of her long hair. 

Braiding eight braides before cutting...

She had decided to donate her hair so that a child with cancer can have a wig made of her curly, beautiful blond hair.

She is such a champion and I love her caring heart!

Still at the barber with a beautiful new haircut.
A beautiful lady!

This week has ment so much joy for all of us. Being together is always uplifting.

There has been tears, laughter and joy. But also pure pain, loneliness and a shoulder to cry on!
I love you guys.

The three musketeers
On the plane down to Arlanda (Stockholm)

We have moved to Norway

We have moved to Norway on a 2 year long contract for me as a nurse. We've ended up in a tiny mountainresort. Nature is beautiful up here.

Ten of us moved up here. So we still have almost half the family left in Sweden.

I miss them every day. But I'm very thankful for technology, since we talk, wright, skype and snap daily.

Leaving Uppsala, our home for the last two decades, was hard. But we were happy to be called as missionaries here. My primary task is my work as a nurse. But the congregation here has also called us and that feels very exciting.

We live in a beautiful old rectory. Everyone has their own rooms - finally! 

The lifepace here is slow. Very slow. And I have a lot more time to spend with my family then ever before. We all enjoy that.

Ten years as a couple <3

Thankfully my husband and best friend is by my side. Every day with him by my side is a good day. 

I love you mr Björklund.

This is the center of the village. A tiny beautiful church. I love this view! 

Our family.

Here is my family now. The picture was taken this summer. I love them all so much. 

You can see all my kids, their partners, my precious grandkids, my mom and also some more people related to the kids. Thank you all for coming to this occation <3

Me and mr Björklund.

My darling! I love you. Yesterday, today and always. 

Thank you for making the decision to move here and start this new adventure together. 
I look forward to every day we have together. And we get so much more time together here every day, then we did before. 
My cancer is a constant reminder that life is short. And precious. Very precious. Here we can all rest and gather our strength for days and years to come. I can live anywhere and do anything with you by my side.
Family is all that matters. And I treasure every day and every moment we have together.

"I trust in God wherever I may be. Upon the land or on a stormy sea. So come what may. From day to day. My Heavenly Father watches over me."

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