Work or private?

I have been working 14 days in a row now. It's been fun, but very intense. Now I have 2 days off. It's gonna be great to just be home and enjoy time with my family. 

3 days medication for an onchologypatient on leave from the hospital.

My two youngest daughters keep their daddy busy with lots of happiness, games and play all day long. I love the loving sacrifice he makes by staying home with them, so the kids always have an adult at home.  And they don't have to be left at daycare for endless hour, in the care of others. Instead they can be home, have fun and "lazy" days doing whatever their daddy plans for them. Going to the park, playing in the snow, going to the library, having teatime with the dolls...

Hiding in the laundrybasket is fun!

We had a work dinner the other night. I had tunafish. It was nice to get together with my collegues and be civil, for once. 

This is my faithful companion. I miss her when I'm at work. She makes my world a happier place and greats me with lots of love every time she sees me.

Ebba Lejonhjärta (lionsheart) - the dog!

My best Christmas gift was actually that we're gonna have a new little family member. She moves in with us in mid February. She's a ragdoll named "I choose you Pikachu". 

I can't wait!

Hanging upside down is fun!

My oldest son and me went to the movies together and saw the premiere in Sweden of "Assassains creed" in 3D. It was a good movie. I really enjoyed his company. 

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Family - the most important thing!

I love my job. And I love my family. Having cancer has made me stop and analyse my life. I work with cancer. Being an oncology nurse is a job where you have to engage in your patients, "have a heart", care... But it also makes you realise that life is short and so very precious.

Can I keep my "worlds" apart? Having cancer myself and working with cancer? Yes, I can. It's hard sometimes, 'cause my work affect me and forces me/teaches me to be a better person.
And I have awesome collegues with lots of experience. We teach each other things. I also have an amazing family. They teach me how to live with cancer. How to be fully alive.
And God gives me the strength I need every day, to be the best I can be.


I'm convinced that's the key. To try to find something to be grateful about, in all the situations life throws at you. To always praise the Lord.

Because, at the end of the day, He'll always be there with you. 
In His grip!

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Det är ju superbra om man har råd att vara hemma. Hade gärna varit det jag också :-)

2017-01-17 @ 23:35:15
Postat av: Becca

Beautifully written ❤ I love you mom!

2017-01-18 @ 00:21:28

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