Pranking the oncology coordinator

We have many tough days in my line of work. Life and death, hope and sorrow, sickness and health fills our workdays. It is almost like a marriage. You have to be committed to the job in ways I never expected as a new nurse, 20 years ago.

We have young parents with cancer and we have old patient as well. Some patients come with their whole family's and some patients have no one.
We work with them all. We dry their (and each others tears), we try to help and relieve pain. We try to give a dignified death. 

We have an amazing coordinator who coordinates where all the patients go, who needs a single room, who can share a room with 2 or 3 others. The coordinator knows who comes in to the hospital (elective or because of an emergency). 

Our fake patient -)

Part of the coordinating job is to move patients around the hospital (to find beds) and also to know who goes home. It's kind of a "know it all job". 

The nurses aids arranged a fake patient in a single beds room. Then one of the nurses called for the coordinator (who usually knows everything going on at work...) asking who the new patient in room 10 was. 

It looks so real!

Almost the whole staff (doctors included) were able to keep a straight face as she run in to the room (while poundering who she might have missed or who got misplaced).

She took the practical joke with grace and a great sense of humour. We all need a laugh now and then. And we all do a good days work. The rest of the day was filled with smiles and happy faces.

Ps. Thank you nurse N for doing such a great job! We need you!  


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