Beautiful boy!

My oldest son turned 20 years old the other day. I can't believe it's been two decades since he came into my life and changed it forever. We've sure had our ups and downs, but our relationship has grown through the years.

My beautiful boy who's now grown into a man!

I've had twenty years with him. He's now a grown man with a steady job and raising his own family. But to me he'll always be my boy.

I have spent the last days wishing for more time with him. At least two more decades. 

His little daughter.

My life has become even more precious since I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I have always tried to savour every moment. My life has been threatened in the past as well, like when I batteled multiple lung embolies, battled encephalitis and sepsis... 

My preast even gave me the last anointing and my family took farewell of me. 

But God spared my life. And now I'm batteling this! 

I love life! I love watching my kids and grandkids grow up. Being with them gives me joy and strength to carry on and to never give in to rough circumstances.

My beautiful oldest daughter and my youngest granddaughter. I love you so much!

And the band keeps on playing...

I'll be here. Always. I'll be your mom, your granny, your wife and friend.
I love you more then around the whole wide world... And back again! 


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