Pranking the oncology coordinator

We have many tough days in my line of work. Life and death, hope and sorrow, sickness and health fills our workdays. It is almost like a marriage. You have to be committed to the job in ways I never expected as a new nurse, 20 years ago.

We have young parents with cancer and we have old patient as well. Some patients come with their whole family's and some patients have no one.
We work with them all. We dry their (and each others tears), we try to help and relieve pain. We try to give a dignified death. 

We have an amazing coordinator who coordinates where all the patients go, who needs a single room, who can share a room with 2 or 3 others. The coordinator knows who comes in to the hospital (elective or because of an emergency). 

Our fake patient -)

Part of the coordinating job is to move patients around the hospital (to find beds) and also to know who goes home. It's kind of a "know it all job". 

The nurses aids arranged a fake patient in a single beds room. Then one of the nurses called for the coordinator (who usually knows everything going on at work...) asking who the new patient in room 10 was. 

It looks so real!

Almost the whole staff (doctors included) were able to keep a straight face as she run in to the room (while poundering who she might have missed or who got misplaced).

She took the practical joke with grace and a great sense of humour. We all need a laugh now and then. And we all do a good days work. The rest of the day was filled with smiles and happy faces.

Ps. Thank you nurse N for doing such a great job! We need you!  

Beautiful boy!

My oldest son turned 20 years old the other day. I can't believe it's been two decades since he came into my life and changed it forever. We've sure had our ups and downs, but our relationship has grown through the years.

My beautiful boy who's now grown into a man!

I've had twenty years with him. He's now a grown man with a steady job and raising his own family. But to me he'll always be my boy.

I have spent the last days wishing for more time with him. At least two more decades. 

His little daughter.

My life has become even more precious since I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I have always tried to savour every moment. My life has been threatened in the past as well, like when I batteled multiple lung embolies, battled encephalitis and sepsis... 

My preast even gave me the last anointing and my family took farewell of me. 

But God spared my life. And now I'm batteling this! 

I love life! I love watching my kids and grandkids grow up. Being with them gives me joy and strength to carry on and to never give in to rough circumstances.

My beautiful oldest daughter and my youngest granddaughter. I love you so much!

And the band keeps on playing...

I'll be here. Always. I'll be your mom, your granny, your wife and friend.
I love you more then around the whole wide world... And back again! 

Work or private?

I have been working 14 days in a row now. It's been fun, but very intense. Now I have 2 days off. It's gonna be great to just be home and enjoy time with my family. 

3 days medication for an onchologypatient on leave from the hospital.

My two youngest daughters keep their daddy busy with lots of happiness, games and play all day long. I love the loving sacrifice he makes by staying home with them, so the kids always have an adult at home.  And they don't have to be left at daycare for endless hour, in the care of others. Instead they can be home, have fun and "lazy" days doing whatever their daddy plans for them. Going to the park, playing in the snow, going to the library, having teatime with the dolls...

Hiding in the laundrybasket is fun!

We had a work dinner the other night. I had tunafish. It was nice to get together with my collegues and be civil, for once. 

This is my faithful companion. I miss her when I'm at work. She makes my world a happier place and greats me with lots of love every time she sees me.

Ebba Lejonhjärta (lionsheart) - the dog!

My best Christmas gift was actually that we're gonna have a new little family member. She moves in with us in mid February. She's a ragdoll named "I choose you Pikachu". 

I can't wait!

Hanging upside down is fun!

My oldest son and me went to the movies together and saw the premiere in Sweden of "Assassains creed" in 3D. It was a good movie. I really enjoyed his company. 

Skriv inläggstext 

Family - the most important thing!

I love my job. And I love my family. Having cancer has made me stop and analyse my life. I work with cancer. Being an oncology nurse is a job where you have to engage in your patients, "have a heart", care... But it also makes you realise that life is short and so very precious.

Can I keep my "worlds" apart? Having cancer myself and working with cancer? Yes, I can. It's hard sometimes, 'cause my work affect me and forces me/teaches me to be a better person.
And I have awesome collegues with lots of experience. We teach each other things. I also have an amazing family. They teach me how to live with cancer. How to be fully alive.
And God gives me the strength I need every day, to be the best I can be.


I'm convinced that's the key. To try to find something to be grateful about, in all the situations life throws at you. To always praise the Lord.

Because, at the end of the day, He'll always be there with you. 
In His grip!

Recovering after my second cancer surgery ...

... Has taken weeks. My doctor wanted me to stay home at least until Februari, but I've had the urge to go back to work. 

Don't get me wrong! I have rested. I have read books, slept a lot, taken long walks and watched the entire DVD-box of Herman Wooks "War and remembrance". I have cried, loved and laughed. Spent time with my kids and my grandkids.

Yet something within me compels me to work. I work with cancer patient. I work with palliative care. And I have cancer. 
Close to home? Yes, sometimes. 
But that also makes me a better nurse. Facing my own fears and my own mortality draws me closer to God and His strength in my life.

I had a patient with the same diagnosis as me who died. I was there. I held her hand, wiped her tears. I gave her pain relief and helped her find a comfortable position in bed. We talked about life, about our hopes, fears and dreams. We talked about dying. She was at the end of her journey, I'm at the beginning of mine. I am grateful we shared journeys a little while.

I worked my first day today, after my surgery. It was tough, but also very meaningful. I am grateful for my job and I love being part of a professional team.

But most of all I loved coming home to my family. To meet them in the hallway and talk about our days. To laugh, hug and hold each other close. 

Life triumphed another day. My beloved family came together. I spoke to absent loved ones over the phone. I lived my life to the fullest today. And I loved it. 

The whole house is quiet. Everyone else is sleeping. It's midnight. My toddler is tossing and turning in her sleep next to me in my bed. 

Thank God that I can lay this day to rest. It has been a good day to live life.

My first day back at work.
Miss J's pretty today!
A happy miss N!
My beautiful town (borrowed pic from this weekend).
Another beautiful winter picture from this weekend (borrowed pic).
Family - the most important thing.

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