World epilepsy day!

Purple - the colour for epilepsy awareness. 

My entire family has worn that today to raise awareness about epilepsy.
Our brave and amazing miss Jemima has it. It's a complication after the very complicated and dangerous brain bleeds she was born with. I have written about it earlier years on the blog.

She is my super hero! The doctors told us she wasn't even supposed to sit, walk or even talk. Her prognosis was so have 24 hour care in a vegetative state.

But they forgot to tell her that!
So she can do almost everything!

The epilepsy awareness t-shirt that her oldest sister made for her.
Miss N playing today
I also wore purple today.
Me - goofing around...

We lay this day to rest now. Honouring the amazing life of miss J - who not only survived but also learned to live with epilepsy. 

My super hero!


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