I was met by this sign on the door when I came to work today.

I have had a very busy day at work. I'm on day shift almost the entire week. The weather has been boring with rain that has melted the beautiful snow. So the world looks grey outside our windows.

Me at work today. I'm a nurse. I love nursing. I love my patients. And most of all - I feel honoured every time I can participate in giving health care that improves a patients life quality, even if the patient would be dying. Nurses are important.

My family surprised me when I came home. That ment so much to me! They stood inside the hallway and sang carrols to me when I opened the door. And my wonderful husband had prepared Swedish glögg (non alcoholic mulled wine) with almonds and raisins. We had a great evening together.

Some of my welcome home committee. It's amazing to be greated in this manner after a long workday. My family is amazing. Every single one of my eight kids.

The older kids ended the night with playing hide and seek with the youngest kids. Lots of laughter!

J and N are hiding from N, who is just about to go look for them. The small ones giggled the entire time...

Every day I have with you guys is a miracle to me. Even if I'm really tired after an eventful job day, you always give me strength to go on. I love all of you so much!

I keep on marching forward. I put up a tough fight against this cancer. I hate cancer. But I love God and I love my family very much. I am truly happy and I feel safe and calm in the midst of everything that is going on! I will reach my destination.
And I think it's very important for everyone to have that, a destination. To have hopes and dreams, to love and laugh, to pray or cry. To be part of a family or to have a special person. A person can go through almost anything and come out on the other side of the tunnel (without necessary having been hit by the train on the way)...

Postat av: Rebecca Hoseia

Finaste ❤️❤️❤️ Saknar er så!

2016-11-15 @ 22:17:39

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