Not the patient & Father's Day.

I worked all weekend and today is my day of. I still ended up at the hospital, on a planned appointment my daughters doctor. It was nice to not be the patient. Everything went great.

Waiting for the vascular surgeon.

Yesterday was Father's Day here in Sweden. We celebrated the best dad I know, my husband. He is such an amazing dad to all our kids. And he was so happy and moved by the gifts and the cake. Thank you for being so awesome!

We ended the day with playing in the snow. The result is beautiful.

Every day is a gift, a miracle. And I'm spending every minute I can with my family. On the phone, FaceTime, watching Tv, hanging out... I love being alive. I love my family. I thank God for every day.

Postat av: Rebecca Hoseia

❤️❤️❤️ Mina underbara.

2016-11-15 @ 22:18:25

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