Not all cancers are pink

I am 42 years old.
I have eight children that I love more then life, each one of them.
I have five children in heaven, that I miss.
I have four grandchildren and some angel-grandchildren. I love them deeply.
I am married to the love of my life and he is my best friend, my person, my everything.
I have also been diagnosed with cancer.

Me and my husband at my first cancer surgery in the beginning of October
I was so tired after the anaesthesia
This is me last week, before the pathology report came back from my surgery. This is one of the many faces of cancer.

My cancer has been traced back to the man I lived with in my 20:th and beginning of 30:th. He gave me the virus. It is caused by the HPV-virus and has been "sleeping" in my body until it decided to start growing and became cancer.

I decided to start wrighting about my cancer journey. Not only because I'm a nurse working at one of our country's largest hospitals oncology clinics. But because I've also become a patient there.

I want to live. I am going to beat this monster that is roaming my body. One step at a time.

My ex might probably try to use this against me, threaten me and explore my illness. But he is nothing to me. I am not afraid of him. And if he does that it only belittles him even more. So I will wright here. And I hereby publicly ask him to leave me and my family alone in this.

God is with me. My soul is resting in the safe arms of my Jesus. I am calm & not scared.
"Although I walk through the valley of death..."
This is my walk, my journey.
I want to live!

Postat av: Rebecca Hoseia

😭❤️❤️💔 I love you mom, forever.

2016-11-13 @ 22:21:19

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