Time flies. Everything is so intense. The last couple of weeks has just been flying by me even faster than usual.
I'm very worried about what is going on with my oldest daughter and the strange disease that has struck her eye. It's very frustrating that the doctors can find answers to what is wrong. 

We had a great time together this weekend. We went to "Mammamingel 2015" which is really a day that celebrate mothers.
This was my third year and I think I will go back next year as well. It feels very luxurious to have a day pampering ourselves as mothers. The goodiebags are awesome, the food is nice and the company is great.

Here we are having the non-alcoholic welcome drink. They had even rolled out the red carpet for us.

Our men were taking care of the youngest children while we were having fun at the gala. The toddlers and R enjoyed the fresh country air and the water. They played until they almost dropped. 

We loved our stay at Idingstad hotel and conference. Thank you to everybody who made that possible for us. This will be weekend that we will never forget.

This is my oldest grandson. He is the coolest boy ever. It has been so fun to have a chance to spend time with him.

My toddler really enjoy being outdoors this weekend. 

My favourite food this weekend was the vegan pannacotta. That was really delicious. 
I will write again soon. By for now!


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