High heals

We went to the "mommy and I" - open preeschool today. The program there fits our kids well. First there is playtime, then singing and dancing, after that we have "fika" (sitting down and having coffe/tea and eating a fruit or sandwich together - Swedes do that a lot, even during work hours). Then the kids get to play some more before it's time to go home. 

Miss J thinks it's good to have daddy to hold on to while walking in high heals.

My husband spent half the night yesterday on fixing broken cables. Today all the equipment work! Good job! 
Daddy and miss J are having a snack (fika) in the afternoon.

Me in the rain. 
It's been a long day. The house is clean, the kids are all sleeping and I am going to bed.
Thank God for a beautiful spring.


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