Having 8 kids

I have had a pause from my blogging. Having 8 kids takes a lot of time. And there is a lot of planning involved!
So I've had to made prioritys. The blogging had to wait.
This is our entire family. I love these guys! Our pater Josef and sister Dorothea are also in the picture. They have been close to our family for many years and feel life family to us.
I treasure each time all of the kids are home with their families. 
Every time we're apart - I miss them. It's  such a blessing to have both small kids and grown up kids with their own families. Life becomes so rich! And I am so happy to share in all of their big and small problems.
Family is all that matters!

I have got new glasses from Björn Borg. They are the kind to wear at all times. I've just started to try to get my eyes used to wearing them.


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