Defrosting and baby rabbits

We have ten tiny new family members. Our two rabbitmoms has given birth to ten little ones. It's gonna be so fun seing them grow and experience the summer with them.

The rest of the day has been spent cleaning the freezer from a huge layer of ice. Six hours later I finally see the original shelves. 

I also brought baby N with me on one of the walks with dog Ebba. Baby N loves tagging along in the ergo carrier.

Then it was the clothdiapers time to get washed and hanged. I love washing and foalding them. Diaperorigami - is my word for it. And - yes - I absolutely love pink!

This is happy baby N enjoying the outdoors.

We had one of our close friends over for a visit yesterday evening and we had a great time together. I so appreciate when there is time to socialise with friends.

It's Mother's Day in most of the worlds countries today (but not here). I just want to wish all of you wonderful mothers out there: Happy Mother's Day!


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