I have been rather busy!

Life with a new baby can be quite intense, to say the least. Baby N is growing as she should, but there has been some bumps on the road. 

She has been diagnosed with milkprotein allergy (just like me). Now that we now, things will get better.
Her oldest sister, who also is her godmother, sent her an amazing gift. It was the most beautiful babynest I have ever seen. And now that I have one, I don't know how I ever managed without it. Baby N loves her nest. It is so girly, romantic and beautiful. It has both trees, green, pink and animals on it. Perfect for our family.

Miss J is learning new things every day. I love watching her grow and learn new skills. Here she's in her pj's with a sunhat that her oldest sister sent her.

Our newest family member is puppy Ebba. She belongs to my now, adult, son. They simply can't live without eachother. She is one of the "best" digs we've ever had. We all love her so much!

I'm going to start wrighting more regularly again now. So much fun has happened these last months that I would love to share with you. So we'll try to take it step by step...

Here they are - all of them! My awesome kids. They are the stars in my sky. The air I breath and the reason why I live.
God is my strength and He provides everything I need every day. My husband is my best friend and the person I trust most in the world.
I am so happy!

Here he's out on the backyard feeding the rabbits. Miss J and puppy Ebba are joining him. They both absolutely love snow!

And last... Something pink! Our newest pink addition to the house. I look forward to decorating many cakes in the future! But I'm also going to use it to decorate with mash potatoes. I have a couple of great ideas on how to use it.

It's 1 am here right now. I just gave miss J some medication, because she woke up crying from fever. I look forward to some sleep until the baby decides to feed next. 
I love this life, even though it's very intense sometimes. Watching my children grow up  and being an active part of their lives is such a precious gift from the Lord. What a privilege!


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