Happy Birthday!

18 years ago this wonderful, kind, funny, talented man came into my life. I have loved him ever since.
The delivery was extremely hard (my worst ever) and I laboured for 34 hours before he finally came. What an entrance! Ever since then my son has done things his own way and in his own pace. As it should be!
Today he's a grown man. I am blessed to be his mother. My oldest son.

Soon he's a chef and ready to conquer the world on his own. It's gonna be really exciting to be a part of his journey.

It's 17 years between these two pictures. I love the boy he was & the man he has become.
Chef Skalman, precious Salomo, I hope you have a great birthday and that your first year as an adult will be exciting.
You are so precious in our family and all your brothers and sisters love and admire you.
Now you have a lady to accompany you for many years. Team Skalman are going to make an impression on the world as we know it!

Puppy Ebba (Lejonhjärtas Ebba).
All my love 



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