Visiting chef Skalman in school.

I had a really nice time today as me and baby N visited my oldest sons restaurant at school. He's studying to become a chef and today he took really good care of us. The food was excellent and the service very professional.

I actually decided so take a long walk home. So for the next two hours I walked home on icy roads. Thankfully baby N slept well the whole way home. I even had time for a cup of lemon tea on one of the local cafes along the way.

Today puppy Ebba has made herself really unpopular at home. She's teething so she's biting anything she finds. Today she ate a shoe, a toy, a tennisball, a glove and a biting ring for babies. These days...

We have a "new" bathroomcupbard that a lady gave us. It fits perfectly next to the bathtub. I look forward to start using it.

The pink item today is the duct tape my husband bought for me. The tejp works well and is appreciated by the femal parts of the family.
Well, I'm super tired and heading of to bed. Today has been a really good day.


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