Happy birthday dear daughter!

I can't believe it's already 21 years since you came to me. I have loved you since the moment I first saw you. 
You are still a lady with an incredibly large will in a small body. An iron will! I guess that's why you succeed in what you do.
My grandkids are lucky to have you as their mother. You are a tiger mama, just like I was when you grew up. You protect them, love them, carry them and teach them.
You are my precious daughter. I respect and admire you.  Have a blessed and wonderful birthday today. I wish we could celebrate it together. I love you <3

Visiting chef Skalman in school.

I had a really nice time today as me and baby N visited my oldest sons restaurant at school. He's studying to become a chef and today he took really good care of us. The food was excellent and the service very professional.

I actually decided so take a long walk home. So for the next two hours I walked home on icy roads. Thankfully baby N slept well the whole way home. I even had time for a cup of lemon tea on one of the local cafes along the way.

Today puppy Ebba has made herself really unpopular at home. She's teething so she's biting anything she finds. Today she ate a shoe, a toy, a tennisball, a glove and a biting ring for babies. These days...

We have a "new" bathroomcupbard that a lady gave us. It fits perfectly next to the bathtub. I look forward to start using it.

The pink item today is the duct tape my husband bought for me. The tejp works well and is appreciated by the femal parts of the family.
Well, I'm super tired and heading of to bed. Today has been a really good day.

Pink wisdom

Our bed broke a couple of months ago. I have had that bed for more then 20 years. We used straps to hold it together while searching for a replacement. The replacement came through a lady who gave us her used bedframe for free. So now we have a "new" one. We have used it for a week now and we're getting used to it. My old one is up for some mending and hopefully many more happy years in the future.
Here is our new bed:

Miss J has had fever and a cold for a while, so I haven't gotten around to updating the blog. Then she started teething again, so now she's feverish again. Poor girl! It means that our nights are quite intense for the moment.

Today we went to granny's and played for a while. Miss J had a lot of fun running around the house and climbing up on things. That's her favourite occupation right now...

Baby N slept in my arms while her older sister was having fun.

Yesterday miss J found one of my plum coloured lipsticks that she tried on. She felt really pretty <3

One of the best things I know is taking long walks with puppy Ebba. We both love snow, so we find plenty of fun things to do together.

Miss J went for her 18 months checkup last Friday. She is doing really great. She is even ahead of her age in motor skills and understanding how to follow "commands". They tested, for example, to ask her go and get something. She immediately understood (even though she hadn't heard that specific word more then one time ore the other) and went to pick up the requested item and give it to the nurse. We are so grateful for all the things she manages. The doctors pronosis from the start was pretty grim. But miss J is doing very well! 

Playing dress up is one of the most fun games to do together. Here she tries on one of her dads hoodies. Our own little Jedi. "May the force be with you"!
Miss J had her first slade ride the other day. She loves playing in the snow with daddy and this experience was probably one of her best so far. She is like me and really enjoys snow and cold weather. We bought a little lamp and put on her snowsuit, so that she's easier to spot in the dark winter weather.

Baby N loves hanging out with her dad and her oldest brother. They both make funny faces and cuddles her every chance they get. She has started to do some babytalk and smiles back at us. I love this period in a baby's life when they develop so fast!
My awesome, talented and beautiful oldest daughter got her first job today! I am so happy for her and proud of her focus and hard work. She is doing such an amazing job with raising her sons, taking care of her home, studying full time, being a partner to her boyfriend and now also working. She turns 21 in just a couple of days and I sent a package for her last week. I hate that we live so far away from eachother. It would be so much fun to share everyday life together. Well, congratulations hunny & well done!

My precious younger grandson, toddler S, was admitted to the hospital a couple of days. He suffered from asthma and infections. We were really worried there for a while, but now he's doing much better. But watching one of these precious little ones in a hospitalbed really gives a heartache. Thank's to all of you who's been praying!

The sunset tonight has been painfully beautiful. We have enjoyed watching part of a movie together before falling asleep on the couch. I love beautiful sunsets. They give a little taste of what heaven will be like! 
And now - pink wisdom.
Both my husband and I love our family. He sets such a beautiful example on how a good man takes care of his family. I am so proud of him. He has such a good heart. 
I love my family very much. I have a really big family, but it consists of this bouquet of colourful individuals. 
We would not trade it for anything in the world. Thank God for family!

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