The invisible breast

Today has been eventful. This morning we went to a flee market where they sold a lot of baby things.

It was me, miss J, my mother and mr Björklund. We actually brought piqniq with us and had a nice time together. I made some bargains. We bought a dollbed for miss J for Christmas and some other Christmasgifts. 
Best of all was that I found a little bigger winter snowsuit for the new baby. 

It was really cute and practical. I love that the belt buckle can be threaded through it.

I actually tried the vegan "drinkable" chocolate pudding, that I bought the other day. It was delicious!

We went to Stockholm (the capital of Sweden) in the afternoon for an exhibit about The Invisible Breast. "De osynliga brösten".  There were beautiful, radical, raw, wonderful pictures of women's breasts and about breastfeeding. A very important show!

I really enjoyed having my husband with me, so he could have "a taste" of my world. I work with the voluntary organisation in Sweden that is called Amningshjälpen. We offer advise and support to women (and men) about breastfeeding. The project manager for the exhibition is also responsible for the project of educations for mothers and fathers to be.

It felt so luxurious to have this afternoon together, to drink non alcoholic cider, watch the exhibition, listen to lectures, meet the photographer and mingle with women that are experts in this field.

This is me together with the project manager Anouk Jolin.

And here is the amazing photographer Elisabeth Ubbe.

I am now a happy and proud owner of a signed copy of the book! I love the "raw" pictures of breasts in this book. They show reality. How important breasts are in a woman's life, how breastfeeding can change them, what breast cancer can do to them. There is no glorification of breastfeeding or any photoshopped breast pictures with perfect breasts! It is just as they are. And they are beautiful. They change lives. They nurture our children and they give us pleasure. 
The photographer asked me if I want to participate in the project in an interactive way. A suggestion was to take a picture of me breastfeeding the new baby, surrounded by all my other seven children. That would be a powerful picture for me! I have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding during a period of 24 years of my life. During this time I've been breastfeeding for a total of seven years. Now, that's quite a big part of my adult life!

On the way home we went and picked up our second breeding female. She is also a Gotlandskanin, which is an old Swedish kind that is breeded for meat production. Her name is Coriander. So now we have two female named Parcel & Coriander. The male rabbits are called Pot & Pan (the boys named them - he he).

I made omelet for supper. To the eggs I added cream, salt, pepper, mini cherry tomatoes, shrimps, mushrooms, oregano, leek, cheese and zucchini. It was absolutely delicious.

My oldest daughter gave me these socks many years ago. They feel soft and nice on my aching feet tonight. 
It has been an intense day with lots of fun. I love spending time together with my family.
The baby has been kicking like crazy all day & I've been having some Braxton Hicks. So tomorrow will be a more restful day. Now I'm gonna lift my feet up, take some painkillers and eventually head of to bed.

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