She walks! And an afternoon in court.

It has been a long day today. And I feel quite exhausted. 
We started the day with a nice snuggle. Miss J has borrowed one of my necklaces that my youngest son made for me. She has basically adopted it and just won't let go. She feels pretty!

Then we were off to granny who was babysitting for a couple of hours while me and mr Björklund testified in court.

Well, I am a bit upside down (mostly because of all the pregnancy hormones rushing through my body). But really, I never thought that we would be witnesses in a murdertrial!

This is me before giving my testimony.

It felt much better afterwords. They had great witnessupport in court. 

Life went on outside the courtroom and we took a "hand in hand" stroll in the beautiful autumn weather. I just love autumn and the calming effect it has on my spirit. And the cooler weather is finally here. It's so much more comfortable to be pregnant now...

Miss J had picked summers last flowers for her dad. She gently gave him one peace of the flower at a time (quite girl).

She was very serious in her courtship of her dad.

The biggest news today is that she walks now (1 year and two months old today). We are SO THANKFUL to God for this miracle. The doctors said that she would never walk (because of the injuries she had when she was born). And she is beating all the odds! She is not only my hero, she's my superhero! Thank you Lord!

She celebrated with listening to some of grandma's beautiful music on the headphones.

We celebrated by giving her a (wooden) icecream to remember the day by. She'll play with it often in her little kitchen.

Well, the baby is really active tonight. Probably because I've been moving around a lot today. And my back really hurts after walking up and down all the stairs in the court building.
I feel tired, but happy. I am going to rest now and I know that The Lord will renew my strength. 
I don't know what will be the outcome of the trial, but I'll update when the verdict is in.
Tomorrow miss J has a doctors appointment and is also going to get
 some vaccines. So it will be an early start.
I am so grateful that mr Björklund is home on paternityleave.  We get to share so many wonderful moments together and can enjoy both miss J and the last trimester of my pregnancy together. He is my best friend and my soulmate.

Postat av: Camilla

Vad roligt att läsa att hon lärt sig gå trots att läkarna sa att hon inte skulle kunna gå!! Sådant glädjer otroligt!

2014-09-30 @ 11:11:03

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