Hotel Örgryte

We have been travelling from Uppsala to Gothenburg today. I got a giftcertificate for a night at a nice hotel (for two) from "Mammamingel". So we decided to celebrate our anniversary this way this year (a couple of months late though). 

It's such a luxury to have a night together (almost) on our own. Miss J's with us on the trip.

The minibus is packed almost up to the roof with my oldest daughters things, since we're helping her move. We even have a horse (rockinghorse for the grandkids) with us. 
Miss J has slept 2/3 of the trip. The rest of the time we've played and had fun together.

We had to pause a lot when she was awake, but she's a fun travel companion.

Although this is a celebration for us I just want to honour the men and women that died this day, for freedom. And I salute all of you that volonteered with search, rescue and prayers (and every other good deed). We will never forget!

I have longed for this time with my husband. And I look forward to having brunch with him tomorrow morning. A good friend is meeting up with us as well, tomorrow. 
We could never afford this unless we had been blessed with this gift. And as a couple I think this is something of the most valuable you can get - time together! I am so grateful to God for this trip and all the friends and family we're gonna meet up with.
Having 7 kids is wonderful. Expecting one more is absolutely amazing. But with everything that goes on in our ordinary lives... We really need this time for US. Our own "bubble" away from the hectic ordinary life.
Sleep well, all of you. I know we will <3 I am so happy!


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