Elf fillet, a heart & vaccination

I saw something today that really made me laugh. They were selling a new kind of meat at the local grocery store. Elf fillet!!! (Directly translated) *so funny*

Miss J was to the doctor today for a check up. She is doing great in every way & is growing exactly as she should. 

She was also vaccinated today. So now we'll just have to wait and see if she gets a fever. We're giving her paracetamol to prevent the fever, since fever can cause her to have cramps (she has epilepsy).

After the vaccination we actually saw that the blood under the bandaid looked exactly  like a heart. 

When we came home, she showed us a new trick that she has learned. She pushed the chair up to the kitchen bench and then climbed up and sat herself down in the sink. Ladies and gentlemen - we have a climber on our hands!
Here her daddy caught her at the right moment! Puh!

I have been so tired today that I actually didn't cook any food. There were plenty of left overs in the fridge for the family, so they had Spagetti carbonara and Pumpkin/lentil soup. I had this microwaved thaifood with green curry that was exactly what I was craving!
To that I made a salad with some of my favourite vegetables, apple and fresh lime.

The baby is constantly moving around today. She has hardly slept anything today and is constantly kicking me.

My oldest son has had a great day at work today and came home in a really good mood. He's currently a chef at one of the best restaurants in town. He's attending chefschool (kock utbildningen).
I am so proud of him!

Here I am with my youngest grandson. He is one of the most awesome young boys I've ever known. I miss him so much today. Him and his mother (and older brother) lives in the south is Sweden. And today I have been missing them all so much! I am so proud of my oldest daughter for being a young mother and raising her two boys as a single mom. She's doing a good job! 

Here is last years Christmascard. My youngest grandson was not born when this picture was taken.
I am so proud of my awesome family. You are the stars in my sky! This year we're gonna have a new family member and I really hope we get to take a Christmas picture with all of present!


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