Counting my blessings!

I'm now in week 28 of this pregnancy. This picture was taken today. Unfortunately I've gotten back the nausiousness I struggled with earlier in the pregnancy. And my back is "killing me"... But the babygirl growing inside me is healthy and very active. She loves kicking me and moves around a lot. Overall this is the best pregnancy I've ever had! 

She has actually "sunk down" a bit already, so it's easier to breath for me. Her older sister (baby J) never did that and never got fixated. 
I turned 40 years old this summer. And I recieved some money on my birthday. Now I've finally gone shopping for something that I've needed for a long time. 

My old one broke about 4 years ago. And it's fantastic to have a new one!
We also had another  miracle this weak.
A lady decided to give us a new washing mashine and dryer. My washing mashine broke about two years ago, so we have been using a small spare one. Tonight I used our new big one for the first time and it was fantastic! It loaded up to 6 kg! Laundry went so fast.

What a blessing! God has provided, even though we didn't even ask for it.

I took this selfie last weak on the way to my doctors appointment. I went to see my OB. He told me that everything is great with the baby and the pregnancy. And I don't have diabetes yet. It was a good day!

My husband mr Björklund decided to put miss J in the ergo carrier on his back for the first time. She enjoyed it!
He's home with us on paternityleave now and we enjoy spending time together.

Tonight I made ovenbaked (fresh) salmon with pressed potatoes. Everybody loved it and I even brought some for my mother on our evening visit to her.

Miss J and her daddy went out to pick some apples for me. So I baked appelpie for dessert. I served it with vanilla sauce. Also very popular with the family!

Our fishes are expecting as well. My husband discovered this when he fed them this morning. Exciting!

Tomorrow we're leaving for a five days journey. We have been given a gift certificate for a hotel, so we're actually going to have a luxurious time tomorrow. I look forward to that. And then we're going to visit some friends and family. We're excited to do this trip together! 


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