Coming home from our roadtrip

During our roadtrip we visited some of our closest relatives. This is one of the views we came along on our way. Swedish countryside is beautiful.

One of my aunts had prepared a surprise for us. I call it "Love in a jar". She had prepared black currant jam. All I had to do was to package it and bring it home. It tastes absolutely great.

On the way home we stopped by our relatives that own this beautiful hotel and B&B. If you travel through Sweden in the area of Linköping I strongly recommend a stay at this lovely place. The nature is beautiful, the house and the stables are very nice and the owners are professional and people loving. We really enjoyed our time together.

Miss J got to play the piano, for the first time. That was fun!

She also got to pat a horse for the first time. But that was a bit scary considering they are so huge. Good thing she was safe in her second cousins arms.

Yesterday we went to the doctor with her. Miss J was born deaf and this was a check up to see if her restored hearing's still intact. And she hears perfectly! Thank you God for that miracle!

We also took a walk by the river. Miss J got to play with several different types of leafs that her dad picked for her. She was thrilled that they had so many different structures.

This is a view of the beautiful river that divides our city.

People live on these boats all year around.

This is another of the boats that lay docked all year.

This is our home. Although travelling is nice and we love spending time with friends and family... Coming home is always special. We love our home!

Today miss J recieved her very own armchair. She was absolutely thrilled!

My mother had prepared a surprise for me, while we were away. She had sown these beautiful stove towels for me. I think they are very beautiful! And I love having homemade things.

We finally put up the gift I got for my 40:th birthday from my Finish aunt. *laughing* Well, I have to say it's the most comfortable toyletseat I've ever had!

The day ended with us adults cleaning the house. In the meantime miss J was brushing her teath and working with her little computer in the upstairs hallway.
I love when the house is clean. Having a shower and going to bed afterwords has never felt so good.

I've entered the third trimester now and feel quite pregnant. The baby is very lively and almost constantly moves around. I love feeling that she's ok! 


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