We've had a quiet and slow day today. I have slept until noon and then got to take a long nice bath. Thank's hunny for pampering me <3

My mother came by and babysat miss J this evening. We haven't been to the movies together since miss J was born. And tonight was the night!

A lady blessed the family with giftcards for the cinema. The problem was that everybody has very different taste in movies. So we ended up agreeing on which cinema to go to and then we all attended different movies. He he... So tonight we've seen drama, action, thriller and SiFi.

Tomorrow's gonna be a rough day. But I have trust in The Lord, that He will give me/us the strength that we need. We have been called to witness in a murdertrial. It's the state versus ... X. I have never done anything like that before and it came as a shock. 
But I know He'll help me to know what to wear, what to say and most of all to keep calm. 
I feel rather sensitive and a bit fragile being so very pregnant and in my third trimester... So I am grateful to have my faith in Heavenly Father. 

Tomorrow miss J's gonna spend the afternoon at granny's place and sleep in the old couch that my father and I used to sleep in when we were kids. I love those inherited beautiful old furniture!
I'm tired and the pregnancy is heavy for my back to carry. Other then that I'm very happy!


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