An ultrasound an a salmon rose

It's been a couple of days since I last wrote something. I'm hoping to be more frequent about wrighting...
We have been rather busy since we came home from our trip. And I have been really tired, so I have actually spent some of the days sleeping a couple of hours extra.

Well, two of my sons has had their birthdays (on the same date). Here's almost the whole gang gathered in the morning.

Gabriel turned 14 years old. He got a lot of the gifts he had wished for. Here he is with a wooden bowl that he has inherited from his great grandmother in Finland. Behind him is my youngest son Nathanael.

Emanuel turned 11 years old. One of the best gifts he got was a keyboard, a hockey game and this game that he's holding up. My dad, his grandfather, actually made it in school when he was a bit younger then Manne is now.

I had baked sponge cake, muffins, cinnamonbuns, donuts and some more goodies for their birthday. I asked the teenage sons to sit down while eating, and this is their interpretation of obeying me *smiling*.

Gabriel made his own cake and it turned out both beautiful and great tasting. He had lots of fun making it as well.

My middle daughter miss Ruth spent most of the day trying out new outfits. Because I had a donation of both clothes and jewellery for her from one of my cousins. She had a great time trying it all on!

Emanuel wanted a completely different kind of cake. So we bought this for him. I think it's important that they both get to feel unique and "individually seen" even though they have their birthday on the same day.

My favourite part of his cake was this beautiful salmon rose.

I was called to the hospital on Wednesday to do an extra ultrasound. They wanted to see how the baby's growing. And also have some bloodwork done on me. It turned out that she's doing very well and is even on the bigger side of the measuring scale. I was also informed that I have a lot of amniotic fluid this pregnancy. No wonder the stomage is so big already!
Everything was looking great though! She's doing terrific and is a very active baby.

I have a huge craving for both fresh fruit and seafood this pregnancy. So yesterday we bought some fresh and beautiful fruit. 

And today we went out for supper at our favourite Asian restaurant. I got to eat all the seafood I wanted. It was great to get that time together!

One of miss J's favourite things to do is to sit on her very own armchair and read books. She's very serious about it. And this book is one of her favourites. Her nephew gave it to her.

She is so sweet, little miss J. I can't believe how fast she grows and how many new things she learns all the time.
Tomorrow we're going to a country fair with miss J. I am looking forward to that. There are some things I would like to buy for her that she needs for this winter.  My mom is coming to. I think tomorrow's going to be great!


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