A roadtrip

We started our journey on Thursday by driving southwest to Gothenburg. I attend an event for mothers every year called "Mammamingel" where I actually won a night at a very nice hotel (for two). So me, mr Björklund and miss J spent the night there. We slept well and had a really nice breakfast.

Here is the buffet.

Some of the goodies they served.

And fresh fruitsalad! Nam!
My mr Handsome!

Here miss J shows "thumbs up!" For the giftcard. My husband looks ...?

It was a warm day with +20 Celcious. We met up with my extra dad and went for a walk together. I got so thirsty that I drank an entire jug of ice water. Miss J got to hold some ice in her hand for the first time in her life, and she laughed out loud. She actually couldn't get enough.

We spent the afternoon dining at one of our favourite restaurants - Jensens Bøfhouse. Then we visited one of our really good friends. 
In the evening we drove up to the Tanzania seminar (two days). 

We slept at the home of one of my dear childhood friends. Her mother was actually the midwife that delivered my baby sister in Tanzania 35 years ago. It was so precious and fun to fellowship together.

The seminar was about missions and being a missionary. We got to learn a lot about the "Swahili Coast" of Tanzania. Very interesting! And we met up with so many old friends and heroes of faith! 
On the picture above are actually Kitenges (traditional fabric) that has been made into trays. These are sold for the benefit of the mission hospital where I was born Nkinga hospital. 

I bought a beautiful pearl ring to sponsor my friends work with children (especially girls) in Tanzania.

Here is the reunion of long missed family members. In the picture is also the puppy Ebba.

Saturday afternoon we went to visit our oldest daughter and her two sons. We had an evening of fellowship and lots of fun. Team baby was reunited again (soon to be Team Toddler). 

My husband spent a lot of time carrying around this precious team...

Today we first went to Ikea and my daughter bought some nice furniture and things for her new apartment. 
She's using one of the newest Ergo carriers on the market.

Here's a profile picture of my 29 weeks baby bump. And miss J's always happy to go to Ikea. It's been a tiring weekend, but everything is going great except for some fatigue and serious back pain.

Here my family are getting some furniture at the huge storage of Ikea, while I sit down and rest my feet for a while.

I just love my handsome, wonderful grandsons! Being a grandmother is such a blessing!

Here me and miss J are goofing around, taking funny selfies...

The rest of the day was spent helping Rebecca move. 

Baby S also got an early birthday present from his uncles and aunt. Do I have to say that he was thrilled?!

Now we're on the road again on our way to visit some relatives. It's going to be fun getting some relax time before heading home again. 
I love our time together and I'm so happy we got to do this trip together before the arrival of our new family member.


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