Elf fillet, a heart & vaccination

I saw something today that really made me laugh. They were selling a new kind of meat at the local grocery store. Elf fillet!!! (Directly translated) *so funny*

Miss J was to the doctor today for a check up. She is doing great in every way & is growing exactly as she should. 

She was also vaccinated today. So now we'll just have to wait and see if she gets a fever. We're giving her paracetamol to prevent the fever, since fever can cause her to have cramps (she has epilepsy).

After the vaccination we actually saw that the blood under the bandaid looked exactly  like a heart. 

When we came home, she showed us a new trick that she has learned. She pushed the chair up to the kitchen bench and then climbed up and sat herself down in the sink. Ladies and gentlemen - we have a climber on our hands!
Here her daddy caught her at the right moment! Puh!

I have been so tired today that I actually didn't cook any food. There were plenty of left overs in the fridge for the family, so they had Spagetti carbonara and Pumpkin/lentil soup. I had this microwaved thaifood with green curry that was exactly what I was craving!
To that I made a salad with some of my favourite vegetables, apple and fresh lime.

The baby is constantly moving around today. She has hardly slept anything today and is constantly kicking me.

My oldest son has had a great day at work today and came home in a really good mood. He's currently a chef at one of the best restaurants in town. He's attending chefschool (kock utbildningen).
I am so proud of him!

Here I am with my youngest grandson. He is one of the most awesome young boys I've ever known. I miss him so much today. Him and his mother (and older brother) lives in the south is Sweden. And today I have been missing them all so much! I am so proud of my oldest daughter for being a young mother and raising her two boys as a single mom. She's doing a good job! 

Here is last years Christmascard. My youngest grandson was not born when this picture was taken.
I am so proud of my awesome family. You are the stars in my sky! This year we're gonna have a new family member and I really hope we get to take a Christmas picture with all of present!

She walks! And an afternoon in court.

It has been a long day today. And I feel quite exhausted. 
We started the day with a nice snuggle. Miss J has borrowed one of my necklaces that my youngest son made for me. She has basically adopted it and just won't let go. She feels pretty!

Then we were off to granny who was babysitting for a couple of hours while me and mr Björklund testified in court.

Well, I am a bit upside down (mostly because of all the pregnancy hormones rushing through my body). But really, I never thought that we would be witnesses in a murdertrial!

This is me before giving my testimony.

It felt much better afterwords. They had great witnessupport in court. 

Life went on outside the courtroom and we took a "hand in hand" stroll in the beautiful autumn weather. I just love autumn and the calming effect it has on my spirit. And the cooler weather is finally here. It's so much more comfortable to be pregnant now...

Miss J had picked summers last flowers for her dad. She gently gave him one peace of the flower at a time (quite girl).

She was very serious in her courtship of her dad.

The biggest news today is that she walks now (1 year and two months old today). We are SO THANKFUL to God for this miracle. The doctors said that she would never walk (because of the injuries she had when she was born). And she is beating all the odds! She is not only my hero, she's my superhero! Thank you Lord!

She celebrated with listening to some of grandma's beautiful music on the headphones.

We celebrated by giving her a (wooden) icecream to remember the day by. She'll play with it often in her little kitchen.

Well, the baby is really active tonight. Probably because I've been moving around a lot today. And my back really hurts after walking up and down all the stairs in the court building.
I feel tired, but happy. I am going to rest now and I know that The Lord will renew my strength. 
I don't know what will be the outcome of the trial, but I'll update when the verdict is in.
Tomorrow miss J has a doctors appointment and is also going to get
 some vaccines. So it will be an early start.
I am so grateful that mr Björklund is home on paternityleave.  We get to share so many wonderful moments together and can enjoy both miss J and the last trimester of my pregnancy together. He is my best friend and my soulmate.


We've had a quiet and slow day today. I have slept until noon and then got to take a long nice bath. Thank's hunny for pampering me <3

My mother came by and babysat miss J this evening. We haven't been to the movies together since miss J was born. And tonight was the night!

A lady blessed the family with giftcards for the cinema. The problem was that everybody has very different taste in movies. So we ended up agreeing on which cinema to go to and then we all attended different movies. He he... So tonight we've seen drama, action, thriller and SiFi.

Tomorrow's gonna be a rough day. But I have trust in The Lord, that He will give me/us the strength that we need. We have been called to witness in a murdertrial. It's the state versus ... X. I have never done anything like that before and it came as a shock. 
But I know He'll help me to know what to wear, what to say and most of all to keep calm. 
I feel rather sensitive and a bit fragile being so very pregnant and in my third trimester... So I am grateful to have my faith in Heavenly Father. 

Tomorrow miss J's gonna spend the afternoon at granny's place and sleep in the old couch that my father and I used to sleep in when we were kids. I love those inherited beautiful old furniture!
I'm tired and the pregnancy is heavy for my back to carry. Other then that I'm very happy!

The invisible breast

Today has been eventful. This morning we went to a flee market where they sold a lot of baby things.

It was me, miss J, my mother and mr Björklund. We actually brought piqniq with us and had a nice time together. I made some bargains. We bought a dollbed for miss J for Christmas and some other Christmasgifts. 
Best of all was that I found a little bigger winter snowsuit for the new baby. 

It was really cute and practical. I love that the belt buckle can be threaded through it.

I actually tried the vegan "drinkable" chocolate pudding, that I bought the other day. It was delicious!

We went to Stockholm (the capital of Sweden) in the afternoon for an exhibit about The Invisible Breast. "De osynliga brösten".  There were beautiful, radical, raw, wonderful pictures of women's breasts and about breastfeeding. A very important show!

I really enjoyed having my husband with me, so he could have "a taste" of my world. I work with the voluntary organisation in Sweden that is called Amningshjälpen. We offer advise and support to women (and men) about breastfeeding. The project manager for the exhibition is also responsible for the project of educations for mothers and fathers to be.

It felt so luxurious to have this afternoon together, to drink non alcoholic cider, watch the exhibition, listen to lectures, meet the photographer and mingle with women that are experts in this field.

This is me together with the project manager Anouk Jolin.

And here is the amazing photographer Elisabeth Ubbe.

I am now a happy and proud owner of a signed copy of the book! I love the "raw" pictures of breasts in this book. They show reality. How important breasts are in a woman's life, how breastfeeding can change them, what breast cancer can do to them. There is no glorification of breastfeeding or any photoshopped breast pictures with perfect breasts! It is just as they are. And they are beautiful. They change lives. They nurture our children and they give us pleasure. 
The photographer asked me if I want to participate in the project in an interactive way. A suggestion was to take a picture of me breastfeeding the new baby, surrounded by all my other seven children. That would be a powerful picture for me! I have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding during a period of 24 years of my life. During this time I've been breastfeeding for a total of seven years. Now, that's quite a big part of my adult life!

On the way home we went and picked up our second breeding female. She is also a Gotlandskanin, which is an old Swedish kind that is breeded for meat production. Her name is Coriander. So now we have two female named Parcel & Coriander. The male rabbits are called Pot & Pan (the boys named them - he he).

I made omelet for supper. To the eggs I added cream, salt, pepper, mini cherry tomatoes, shrimps, mushrooms, oregano, leek, cheese and zucchini. It was absolutely delicious.

My oldest daughter gave me these socks many years ago. They feel soft and nice on my aching feet tonight. 
It has been an intense day with lots of fun. I love spending time together with my family.
The baby has been kicking like crazy all day & I've been having some Braxton Hicks. So tomorrow will be a more restful day. Now I'm gonna lift my feet up, take some painkillers and eventually head of to bed.

An ultrasound an a salmon rose

It's been a couple of days since I last wrote something. I'm hoping to be more frequent about wrighting...
We have been rather busy since we came home from our trip. And I have been really tired, so I have actually spent some of the days sleeping a couple of hours extra.

Well, two of my sons has had their birthdays (on the same date). Here's almost the whole gang gathered in the morning.

Gabriel turned 14 years old. He got a lot of the gifts he had wished for. Here he is with a wooden bowl that he has inherited from his great grandmother in Finland. Behind him is my youngest son Nathanael.

Emanuel turned 11 years old. One of the best gifts he got was a keyboard, a hockey game and this game that he's holding up. My dad, his grandfather, actually made it in school when he was a bit younger then Manne is now.

I had baked sponge cake, muffins, cinnamonbuns, donuts and some more goodies for their birthday. I asked the teenage sons to sit down while eating, and this is their interpretation of obeying me *smiling*.

Gabriel made his own cake and it turned out both beautiful and great tasting. He had lots of fun making it as well.

My middle daughter miss Ruth spent most of the day trying out new outfits. Because I had a donation of both clothes and jewellery for her from one of my cousins. She had a great time trying it all on!

Emanuel wanted a completely different kind of cake. So we bought this for him. I think it's important that they both get to feel unique and "individually seen" even though they have their birthday on the same day.

My favourite part of his cake was this beautiful salmon rose.

I was called to the hospital on Wednesday to do an extra ultrasound. They wanted to see how the baby's growing. And also have some bloodwork done on me. It turned out that she's doing very well and is even on the bigger side of the measuring scale. I was also informed that I have a lot of amniotic fluid this pregnancy. No wonder the stomage is so big already!
Everything was looking great though! She's doing terrific and is a very active baby.

I have a huge craving for both fresh fruit and seafood this pregnancy. So yesterday we bought some fresh and beautiful fruit. 

And today we went out for supper at our favourite Asian restaurant. I got to eat all the seafood I wanted. It was great to get that time together!

One of miss J's favourite things to do is to sit on her very own armchair and read books. She's very serious about it. And this book is one of her favourites. Her nephew gave it to her.

She is so sweet, little miss J. I can't believe how fast she grows and how many new things she learns all the time.
Tomorrow we're going to a country fair with miss J. I am looking forward to that. There are some things I would like to buy for her that she needs for this winter.  My mom is coming to. I think tomorrow's going to be great!

Coming home from our roadtrip

During our roadtrip we visited some of our closest relatives. This is one of the views we came along on our way. Swedish countryside is beautiful.

One of my aunts had prepared a surprise for us. I call it "Love in a jar". She had prepared black currant jam. All I had to do was to package it and bring it home. It tastes absolutely great.

On the way home we stopped by our relatives that own this beautiful hotel and B&B. If you travel through Sweden in the area of Linköping I strongly recommend a stay at this lovely place. The nature is beautiful, the house and the stables are very nice and the owners are professional and people loving. We really enjoyed our time together.

Miss J got to play the piano, for the first time. That was fun!

She also got to pat a horse for the first time. But that was a bit scary considering they are so huge. Good thing she was safe in her second cousins arms.

Yesterday we went to the doctor with her. Miss J was born deaf and this was a check up to see if her restored hearing's still intact. And she hears perfectly! Thank you God for that miracle!

We also took a walk by the river. Miss J got to play with several different types of leafs that her dad picked for her. She was thrilled that they had so many different structures.

This is a view of the beautiful river that divides our city.

People live on these boats all year around.

This is another of the boats that lay docked all year.

This is our home. Although travelling is nice and we love spending time with friends and family... Coming home is always special. We love our home!

Today miss J recieved her very own armchair. She was absolutely thrilled!

My mother had prepared a surprise for me, while we were away. She had sown these beautiful stove towels for me. I think they are very beautiful! And I love having homemade things.

We finally put up the gift I got for my 40:th birthday from my Finish aunt. *laughing* Well, I have to say it's the most comfortable toyletseat I've ever had!

The day ended with us adults cleaning the house. In the meantime miss J was brushing her teath and working with her little computer in the upstairs hallway.
I love when the house is clean. Having a shower and going to bed afterwords has never felt so good.

I've entered the third trimester now and feel quite pregnant. The baby is very lively and almost constantly moves around. I love feeling that she's ok! 

A roadtrip

We started our journey on Thursday by driving southwest to Gothenburg. I attend an event for mothers every year called "Mammamingel" where I actually won a night at a very nice hotel (for two). So me, mr Björklund and miss J spent the night there. We slept well and had a really nice breakfast.

Here is the buffet.

Some of the goodies they served.

And fresh fruitsalad! Nam!
My mr Handsome!

Here miss J shows "thumbs up!" For the giftcard. My husband looks ...?

It was a warm day with +20 Celcious. We met up with my extra dad and went for a walk together. I got so thirsty that I drank an entire jug of ice water. Miss J got to hold some ice in her hand for the first time in her life, and she laughed out loud. She actually couldn't get enough.

We spent the afternoon dining at one of our favourite restaurants - Jensens Bøfhouse. Then we visited one of our really good friends. 
In the evening we drove up to the Tanzania seminar (two days). 

We slept at the home of one of my dear childhood friends. Her mother was actually the midwife that delivered my baby sister in Tanzania 35 years ago. It was so precious and fun to fellowship together.

The seminar was about missions and being a missionary. We got to learn a lot about the "Swahili Coast" of Tanzania. Very interesting! And we met up with so many old friends and heroes of faith! 
On the picture above are actually Kitenges (traditional fabric) that has been made into trays. These are sold for the benefit of the mission hospital where I was born Nkinga hospital. 

I bought a beautiful pearl ring to sponsor my friends work with children (especially girls) in Tanzania.

Here is the reunion of long missed family members. In the picture is also the puppy Ebba.

Saturday afternoon we went to visit our oldest daughter and her two sons. We had an evening of fellowship and lots of fun. Team baby was reunited again (soon to be Team Toddler). 

My husband spent a lot of time carrying around this precious team...

Today we first went to Ikea and my daughter bought some nice furniture and things for her new apartment. 
She's using one of the newest Ergo carriers on the market.

Here's a profile picture of my 29 weeks baby bump. And miss J's always happy to go to Ikea. It's been a tiring weekend, but everything is going great except for some fatigue and serious back pain.

Here my family are getting some furniture at the huge storage of Ikea, while I sit down and rest my feet for a while.

I just love my handsome, wonderful grandsons! Being a grandmother is such a blessing!

Here me and miss J are goofing around, taking funny selfies...

The rest of the day was spent helping Rebecca move. 

Baby S also got an early birthday present from his uncles and aunt. Do I have to say that he was thrilled?!

Now we're on the road again on our way to visit some relatives. It's going to be fun getting some relax time before heading home again. 
I love our time together and I'm so happy we got to do this trip together before the arrival of our new family member.

Hotel Örgryte

We have been travelling from Uppsala to Gothenburg today. I got a giftcertificate for a night at a nice hotel (for two) from "Mammamingel". So we decided to celebrate our anniversary this way this year (a couple of months late though). 

It's such a luxury to have a night together (almost) on our own. Miss J's with us on the trip.

The minibus is packed almost up to the roof with my oldest daughters things, since we're helping her move. We even have a horse (rockinghorse for the grandkids) with us. 
Miss J has slept 2/3 of the trip. The rest of the time we've played and had fun together.

We had to pause a lot when she was awake, but she's a fun travel companion.

Although this is a celebration for us I just want to honour the men and women that died this day, for freedom. And I salute all of you that volonteered with search, rescue and prayers (and every other good deed). We will never forget!

I have longed for this time with my husband. And I look forward to having brunch with him tomorrow morning. A good friend is meeting up with us as well, tomorrow. 
We could never afford this unless we had been blessed with this gift. And as a couple I think this is something of the most valuable you can get - time together! I am so grateful to God for this trip and all the friends and family we're gonna meet up with.
Having 7 kids is wonderful. Expecting one more is absolutely amazing. But with everything that goes on in our ordinary lives... We really need this time for US. Our own "bubble" away from the hectic ordinary life.
Sleep well, all of you. I know we will <3 I am so happy!

Counting my blessings!

I'm now in week 28 of this pregnancy. This picture was taken today. Unfortunately I've gotten back the nausiousness I struggled with earlier in the pregnancy. And my back is "killing me"... But the babygirl growing inside me is healthy and very active. She loves kicking me and moves around a lot. Overall this is the best pregnancy I've ever had! 

She has actually "sunk down" a bit already, so it's easier to breath for me. Her older sister (baby J) never did that and never got fixated. 
I turned 40 years old this summer. And I recieved some money on my birthday. Now I've finally gone shopping for something that I've needed for a long time. 

My old one broke about 4 years ago. And it's fantastic to have a new one!
We also had another  miracle this weak.
A lady decided to give us a new washing mashine and dryer. My washing mashine broke about two years ago, so we have been using a small spare one. Tonight I used our new big one for the first time and it was fantastic! It loaded up to 6 kg! Laundry went so fast.

What a blessing! God has provided, even though we didn't even ask for it.

I took this selfie last weak on the way to my doctors appointment. I went to see my OB. He told me that everything is great with the baby and the pregnancy. And I don't have diabetes yet. It was a good day!

My husband mr Björklund decided to put miss J in the ergo carrier on his back for the first time. She enjoyed it!
He's home with us on paternityleave now and we enjoy spending time together.

Tonight I made ovenbaked (fresh) salmon with pressed potatoes. Everybody loved it and I even brought some for my mother on our evening visit to her.

Miss J and her daddy went out to pick some apples for me. So I baked appelpie for dessert. I served it with vanilla sauce. Also very popular with the family!

Our fishes are expecting as well. My husband discovered this when he fed them this morning. Exciting!

Tomorrow we're leaving for a five days journey. We have been given a gift certificate for a hotel, so we're actually going to have a luxurious time tomorrow. I look forward to that. And then we're going to visit some friends and family. We're excited to do this trip together! 

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