Saffron & chocolate.

I had a rough day yesterday. An old enemy came for a visit, the migraine. Different intensity each time but I actually had to lay down immediately and sleep for an hour yesterday.
And last night I had a bunch of nightmares. I know it's not unusual to dream crazy stuff when you're pregnant... But cross country driving with a really old moped, that is run on wood is one of the crazier dreams I've had! Maybe my subcontious is afraid of not having the baby in the hospital (not making it in before I deliver). Well, that could be an explanation...
This selfie is taken just after I woke up from my nap yesterday.

The evening was rely nice yesterday. My mom and I attended "Ladies teatime". An arrangement by one of the churches in the area. There was live music, only women, candlelight and tea with pastry. We bought a chocolate muffin with white chocolate sprinkle and tea. We both felt very pampered!
I actually managed to buy a rare and tasteful thing that I brought with me home. My husband is actually crazy about saffron. The tea you see on the picture is saffron tea.

Today has been a very busy day. Here is miss J in the morning. She loves strolling up and down the corridor that leads between the nursery and our bedroom & the library.

I have spent the last two days sorting through three different sizes of babyclothes. The pile was huge and I had to call in reinforcements (my mother) because miss J was "helping me" in her own way. Tearing down all the folded clothes (so I had to do it all over again...)
Well, it turned out great in the end and everything is now neatly tucked away in boxes, waiting for the next little girl to wear them.
Now I can soon start sorting through clothes for the new baby! That's something I really look forward to.
Two of my sons came home with surprises for me today. My second oldest son has made these. He has picked lingonberrys and then also cooked jam. I absolutely love lingonberry jam!

My third son gave me these. Two precious cans of fine quality saffron. As I wrote before... My husband is crazy about saffron. So I tend to use it both for cooking and bakning. Suck a treasure to have in my cupboard!
We have an agreement with the kids. That is that everytime they get top score on a test in school, they get a chocolate bar. 
So tonight we settled the account and the kids were very happy.  The rule is that they can't eat them in bed or on any other day then Saturday.

Miss Ruth had five.

Emanuel had one (since he's been home sick and missed some of his tests). But he was very happy for it!

Nathan had five of them as well. Needles to say... He was very happy. 
I am happy for all the good things that God blesses us with. But I have to say that I'm also very tired and wish that my back pain would go away, at least for a little while. Well, it will get better again after the baby is born.


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