Resting and a bubble bath

I'm so very tired right now. I have been resting & only resting since our roadtrip. 

When we came home we finished up remaking our very narrow hallway. Mr Björklund put up the red shelf on the top and then we filled the shelves with beautiful coloured paper boxes. Everything is from Ikea. Now (almost) everyone in the family has a box to put gloves, scarves and caps in.
I have a craving for mackerel with tomatoes sauce on hard bread. Delicious and a bit salty. I don't have an appetite for much more then this right now. Even though I eat everything served.
I made our bed today with my favourite bedsetting (romantic pink roses on white background). That's about all I've done today. I've spent the rest of the day resting and sleeping.

The best thing today was the long and luxurious bubblebath I took. I feel so refreshed afterwords.
Miss J and her daddy went to the store to buy a birthday giftcard for my grandson who turned one next week. So I had the house to myself a couple of hours. That was actually nice! 


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