Marriage and two pairs of mended shoes.

We bought a new "furniture" today. They're sold at Ikea, but we bought it second hand for about $10.
We have put the family's slippers in it.
This picture is taken in our hallway. The hallway is very small, narrow and always overcrowded. Above the new trunk  hangs my favourite carrier, my pink ergo. My husband has a black ergo.

Late last night my oldest son, the chef, sliced up some mushrooms for a snack. He fried them in butter and blackpepper & served it with chives. That tasted delicious!

Today has been an intense day with a lot of work at home for me. I have sorted away all the clothes that are too small for miss J. I also moved all her clothes to the nursery that she will share with two of her older siblings. So now she has an entire new collection of larger clothes and in a new place. It turned out great.
Miss J's gonna move out of our bedroom in about six weeks. She has got a new beautiful red bed that is waiting for her in the nursery.
One of these days I'm gonna start on the new baby's clothes as well. Lot's of sorting through to do...

I don't drink coffe anymore, but for this occasion I had a delicious cup of Tim Hortons French Vanilla Coffe. It was so nice to have it, for once.

My husband went to the store and bought me a little encouragement today. It was a cinnamonbun with pink sprinkle on (since it's breast cancer awareness month). And my favourite colour is pink! I felt so pampered!

Miss J was wearing the supercute cap that her oldest sister bought from Me & I to her. It has a cute cupcake on it. And she refuses to take of the necklace that her youngest bigbrother made. My little princess!

I went to our favourite shoemaker tonight to pick up the two pairs of winter shoes that he mended for us. He has made a really god job and takes pride in his work. We can't afford buying new winter shoes for ourselves at this time, so I'm so happy he fixed them for another winter season.

I actually got these shoes from a lady who was going to throw them away (since they were broken in two places). My feet are very swollen from the pregnancy and I have about 8 weeks to go still, so I needed bigger shoes. Now that they are mended and shiny they look very nice. I'm just gonna put some new shoelaces in them and then they'll look respectable.

I saw this post today and I just wanted to repost it. As a Christian (catholic) I really believe in this. I have to say that I am just human and some days I don't succeed in reaching the excellence I want in my love for Christ. But The Lord is my strength. I don't know how I would make this walk through life, with all the difficult times, if I didn't have my faith in God!
I am blessed with a husband who loves God and who always turns to God in all devotions and all situations in life. I love to submit to him (my husband). And we have a very traditional family structure, where he is the head of the family. That is very uncommon here in Sweden!
He has his responsibilities like the economy, the cars, gardening, the animals, rules for the children etc. I have other responsibilities like the laundry, cooking, cleaning, waking the kids up in the morning, doing homework, shopping etc. We always talk things through and agree on how to do things. We have family councils concerning "big questions" and planning. But in the end, since he's the head of the family, he decides. And I respect him for carrying that responsibility and for loving us all so much.

And I love being married to my best friend! He is the sun and I am the moon. We complete each other!
People often have questions about why we have so many kids, if we use contraceptives or not etc. The answer is that we are catholic. And we don't use any birth control. So we are going to have the number of children that the Lord wants to give us.
And no, I don't have easy pregnancys and I don't have easy deliveries. And they don't get easier or hurt less just because you keep having them. Every pregnancy is different and every birth is also different.

I just love them more then anything! My awesome kids! (This picture is ten months old). 


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