Dolls, a birthday and parkour.

I promised to tell you about the dollclothes my mother made for her great grandchildren for their birthdays. She is an excellent seamstress. 

The clothes are so beautiful and she sew several of them without a pattern. 

Here they are together. So cute and the quality of the clothes is excellent!

Yesterday I started light treatment because of a really bad itch that medications doesn't help anything against. It's been like this during the third trimester my last five pregnancys. I'm going to get UVAB-tanning twise a week until delivery and that usually helps a lot.
Well, the hospital clothes doesn't make me feel so sexy. But it shows my bump well. And I love my bump!
I'm getting my treatment at the Department of dermatology at the university hospital here. 

I'm in week 33 now, so it's not so far to go. I love my baby bump. A long time since I saw my feet though. The t-shirt says Bebis, which translates Baby. 

Miss J has been out picking leaves. It's exciting to touch all the leaves with the beautiful colours.

She also loves borrowing her dad's IPhone. She listens to music and watches Veggie Tales on it. She is always very focused!

I continued with my Project Christmas baking yesterday. I made carrot cake that I put in the freezer. I'm gong to decorate it with lime before serving it. It tasted great. It's actually the first time I made carrotcake. The result really made me proud. I'm gonna do this again!

Today my awesome youngest grandson turned 1 years old. Happy Birthday Silas! I can't believe it's been a year already. You are one of my heroes and a true survivour. I wish we could have shared the day together! I love you so much!

Miss J was out playing with her dad in the sandbox today. She had so much fun! 

She also got to swing. She loved it and laughed the whole time. Cutie! 

Here they are, miss J and mr Björklund. They are both wearing hoodies and that really amused miss J. She loves that her daddy is home on paternity leave & I am so happy that we have this opportunity. 

I found a quote that really said it all. That is my firm view on parenting and how I see all my eight kids. Even the adult ones. Take care of every moment, cause they grow up so fast. I cherish every moment we have together. And I will do that for as long as I live!
I'm  finishing this day with a beautiful, powerful picture of my oldest son. He is training parkour. 
I love the raw power in this picture and the beautiful sky behind him. He is awesome!


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