Church version of "Walk of fame"

Being in the third trimester is exhausting right now. I have the best pregnancy I've ever had, except for this terrible back pain. I'm starting to feel a bit immobile, especially when it comes to turning around in bed... 

Well, the picture says it all!

Miss J attended the open preschool last Friday. Both me and her dad went along with her. She has so much fun there and it's so exciting to se her interact with other children. And I am so grateful that all the noise and stimuli she's being subjected to there, hasn't made her cramp. So she seams to be coping great with the new invironment there. Thank God!

Here her dad is showing her how to build with Lego.

They have a lot of fun together. But when she's really cranky only one thing helps & that's to ride in the ergo. I love my babywearing husband.

Well, yesterday I started "Project Christmas baking". I want to bake as much as possible and store it in the freezer, since I'm going to have a new baby at Christmastime and not enough hands. First on my list was a sponge cake type of applecake. I'll serve it with whipped cream/icecream or homemade vanilla sause.
We tasted some today and it was absolutely delicious!

Second on my list was saffron cake. That is my husbands absolute favourite cake. So I had to make several of them. They also turned out absolutely delicious!

While I was at it I made one of the kids favourite dishes - Sailor stew. I love making it, because it's easy to make, I can easily make a much bigger serving by using a big oven pan instead and it tastes really good.

Today was church day. We actually went with my mom to her church today. She is not a catholic.
I decided to put a blue satin ribbon in my braid today, just to have some colour.

Miss J was happy to go to church with is. She had a dress on that her oldest sister gave her for Christmas. It's from Me & I. She looked adorable today!

Miss J learned a new skill today and that is how to clean her daddy's glasses. She was very focused doing it and it kept her busy a big part of the service.

The church had done a ramarkable thing. They had made their own "Walk of fame" out in the hallway to honour their missionaries. The text in the star says "we are missions" and underneath is the name and mission country written. I thought it was a nice way to honour their missionaries hard and often dangerous work.

This is a detail of my husbands very nice clothes today. I love when he dresses up and he is so handsome!

Home from church we made tacos. That is one of my mothers favourite dishes, but also the kids!
I made my first very own homemade guacamole. Made from my second oldest sons recipe. It tasted great!
Next time I'll wright about the awesome dollclothes my mother has sewn.
Have a great weak!


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