Apples, murder and my pink kitchen dream.

I'm sorry that it takes a couple of days between my updates. I'm so very tired and the last days has been quite hectic for us.

My husband has been so wonderful and considerate! For some strange reason I've gotten my morning sickness back. So he has been coming up to the bedroom with breakfast for me most days this week. This morning he added my middle daughters love gift to the tray (a box with lovenotes in) just to make me happy.

He's also made me lunch many times, when I've been so nausious that I haven't been able to go downstairs. Thank you for being so wonderful, hunny!

Miss J has started with a new way of expressing herself. When she gets a NO, she lays down on her back and mopes. Very demonstrative...! Cutie! Well, we have a little girl with a temper and a great sence of humour. Quite a challenge for us parents! 

Wednesday night was women's meeting at my moms church. I went there with her and it was a really great night. Beautiful worship, good teaching and some good friends made the evening a success for us.

Afterwords a friend invited us to have a snack. We had cute miniscones with lemon curd and cream. And tea for me. It was really nice. I have never thought of that combination, but lemoncurd and cream was really nice!

Yesterday I got myself ready for a long day. First of all we went to our lawyer. We have been witnesses in a murdertrial and the verdict came yesterday. 

I love that they always have fresh flowers at his office. Well, the verdict was lifetime in prison and then expulsion from Sweden. The perp had murdered his ex wife in cold blood (in front of their little 3 year old daughter). The violence was extreme and an insane bloodbath. The reason we were involved in the trial was that both me and my husband was attacked by the same man a year earlier. I actually warned his ex wife about him, because he was really acting strange. It was a scary and brutal story. I am so sorry that the little girl lost both her parents and in such a damaging and dramatic way. 

While we were off running errands miss J spent the day with one of her favourite persons - her grandmother.

It was so chilly outside that we put on the snowsuit for the first time this fall.

I was so happy that my husband could come with me to the appointment with my midwife. Everything was great with both the baby and the bump. 

I love listening to her heartbeat on the monitor. I am starting to long for her and to hold her in my arms. 
I am always nervous and anxious during the last months of pregnancy.

I have lost three babies. My first daughter died during delivery. So I hold my breath, basically, until I'm sure to have a live baby in my arms. It's not so much longer now... Time flies by. 

My husband took this picture of me (and the old oak tree in the background) just after our second appointment. I'm wearing my beautiful red coat that a lady have me as a gift. I love the red colour. It actually makes me feel happy. And - I can still close it around my babybump... :)

Today miss J got to do a extreme makeover - daddy edition! She borrowed her older sisters beautiful pink brush and brushed her dad's wet hair. Then she dressed him in my pink cardigan. Last, but not least, she helped him brush his teath. The little cutie then kissed him and patted him "good boy" on the shoulder (just as we do her). It was so cute!

We went to the grocery store today. Miss J thought it was so exciting with all the beautiful coloured leaves and the water puddles she tried to splash in along the was. With her beloved daddy's hand in hers, she was brave enough for some adventure! 

This morning I felt like a whale (being in the  third trimester and all...) So I thought I would goof around a bit and try to make the best of it. My pelvic was really painful (SPD) and I felt a bit under the weather...
This is the result of some self distance, an I-phone, humour, a tiara and some selfies. Well, I left the bathroom slightly embarrassed with myself, but with a smile on my lips. 
I think it's important to do things that makes you smile, especially going through rough times. Because we need joy in our hearts to heal. And even if the storm is raging around us & life is both stressful and hurtful, Gods peace that surpasses all, can fill our hearts. 
I have found my dream kitchen! I showed it to my husband and he's actually on board with it. Since I'm the one spending hours in there every day (cooking, baking and washing the dished for our big family). He just sighed and said that he might want to compensate a bit with a green livingroom... Green is mr Björklunds favourite colour. Well, dreaming is free!

My beloved kids (and my oldest grandson) when miss J was newborn. They are having a "Rafiki moment". I love this picture!

Well I'll end today with a picture of today's harvest from our apple tree on the back of the house. I'm going to peel them, slice them and put it all in the freezer so I have everything ready for winters baking and applepies.


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