An infection & some environmental effects.

I have been so extremely tired the last couple of weeks. Headache, a slight fever, low blood pressure (I've actually fainted) and Braxton hicks has also been troubling me. When I last saw my midwife I demanded of her to take some tests. The initial ones showed nothing, but I demanded of her to send a culture anyways (yes, we nurses are demanding patients) sensing that something was wrong. Yesterday I got the answer. The responsible doctor called me up and said I have a massive infection that needs immediate antibiotic treatment. Puh! I'm glad I stood my ground. But I have been pregnant many times before and I know when something is not right. I am not contagious. The infection is raging in my body. Last time I had this type of infection, during pregnancy, with this exact type of bacteria as I do now... They caught it late. Then I ended up at the hospital with the infection spread to my blood (sepsis/blood poisoning) and I almost died. I even had the last anointing then. 😦 I am so grateful to have caught it in time this time around & for God to have given me the gut feeling that something serious was wrong. I'll rest now, have my medication and go for some extra check ups. In a week I'll be done with the treatment and hopefully I'll have full strength back soon after. 

This past weekend we had visitors from Finland. It was my dear cousin (on my dad's side) and his family. Here is miss J with her second cousin miss E. They played very well together and had lots of fun. It was so precious to have the opportunity to meet. It's not that often we get together since we live in different countries and both have busy lives. 

Here is my cousin mr Hannus. He's the father of miss E. We know each other well and even if ten years pass by, we always pick up where we left off. I am so happy we got this time together!

I just have to brag a bit about my awesome mother! She has sown this bedcover for my oldest daughter. It's made out of old t-shirts. The t-shirts all represent memories, places travelled to or special occasions. It turned out absolutely fabulous! She is (as I've said before) an excellent seamstress! I am so proud of her.

Little miss J is growing and learning new things every day. I am amazed of how fast she learnes new things. And she has a great temper. Always happy and positive to do new things and to learn. It's gonna be interesting to see how she reacts to her new baby sister. We have actually decided on the names for her. I run it through my mother yesterday, and she definitely approved. It's going to be so exciting! Not so many weeks left now!

Miss J took an autumn stroll with her beloved oldest brother yesterday. She absolutely loves hanging out with him and everytime he comes home from school or work - she lights up like the sun! It's so touching to see how much she loves and adores him. And he loves her right back. 

He's doing so well in school and is becoming a talented chef. I love listening to him telling me about what he's learned in the kitchen, about different spices, new methods to cook things etc. I learn a lot from his story's too!

Miss J solved a problem today. She wanted to reach up to the microwave. So she opened the dishwasher and used it to gain hight. Clever girl! 

She got to go out and help daddy wih the rabbits tonight. It was the first time she wore rain clothes and rain boots. And she was so proud of them. 
The rain boots are brand new (blue with butterflies). I bought them at Ica Maxi and they have a great fit. She has put her doll in the pram and her favourite pal Elmo is sitting right next to her. She was very prepare to go out!
While I was sleeping today (I slept until noon because I had a fever) my darling husband made a love act. He washed and hanged all the clothdiapers. I am so grateful to him for doing everyday things like that for me. That's such a caring way of showing love in a relationship. Thank's mr Björklund! 
We currently use mostly Bumgenious and Poops. They are the ones that fit miss J best right now. And they are so easy to both use and manage.
I look forward to taking out the smaller sizes of clothdiapers for the new baby. That's going to be pocket models as well, just to save time with two kids in clothdiapers. 
People sometimes ask me why I use them and how I find time to do it, with so many kids. Well, first of all it's for economical reasons. It saves a lot of money for us! Then it's also for the invironment. Less garbage and we can reuse them for years. But also because my children have very sensitive skin and several of the kids have different sensitivities or allergies. So I want to use what's best for their skin. And having fabric closest to the skin instead of all the chemicals in ordinary diapers is a win-win situation.
That is also why I use cloth sanitary pads myself. I have wanted to do so ever since I was a teenager, but started using only that (cloth) a couple of years ago. I have recently bought a new stash of beautiful coloured ones that I'm gonna start using after the new baby is born. I look forward to that. I'll post a picture of them later. Many of the ones you see on the picture are either from a company called Imse Vimse or homemade by me.
We also use soap nuts from Neapel instead of the traditonal detergent and fabric softener. We only wash dirty diapers with detergent. Instead of fabric softener we use vinegar and a few drops of essential oils.
My skin has become so much better since I started washing everything like this! One of the best choises I've made actually.
I'm not an environmental fanatic, but I have chosen to take some steps to improve our environment. 

I'm finishing off today's blog with this humurous picture. I hope to regain my strength fast, but until then my updates won't be very regular. 


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