Advent stars and family time.

I am getting so much better now. The antibiotics really helped. Now I'm dealing with a viral infection instead :( . But most of all I'm dealing with the pain in my pelvic and my extremely swollen legs and feet. I promise that I have several litres extra just in my legs and feet :/

My third son Emanuel, fell in the forest when they were out playing. He hurt his arm and has had to deal with pain the last weeks. He's out of the cast now, but it will still need a couple of more weeks to heal properly. Poor little guy! It always hurt the parent so much when one of the children are suffering!

I have started studying for my test to become an adviser/advocat for breastfeeding. It's a volontary organisation and the qualified women answer questions and offer advise on breastfeeding both in person, over the phone or email. The picture shows how many different ways a breast can look like and still breastfeed the baby.
I love studying this topic. I believe breastfeeding has been one of the most important periods of my children's lives. I've been breastfeeding for more then 8 years of my life now.

My beautiful daughter miss Ruth went to a hallowe'en party last Friday. This is the makeup sha was wearing. She looks quite different then her ordinary cute pink fresh look. 
Two days ago miss Ruth baked her first very own chocolate cake. She did everything herself and she even decorated it. I think it turned out beautiful. We served it with whipped cream and it was divine! 

Here two of my daughters are playing together. The hobby horse they are riding was made by their oldest sister when she was young. I'm so happy it still amuses one or two little girls! 

My oldest daughter heard that her youngest brother needed a winter jacket. So she went ahead and bought him a brand new rainproof, wind/water resistant winter coat. It was even green, which is the favourite colour. He got it by mail and was so excited to open his first Christmasgift this year! She made a boy so very happy!!! What an awesome big sister!

My two youngest sons Emanuel & Nathanael took on a challenge as well. They made their very own first fried bacon and eggs. They both did everything from start all by themselves (supervised by an adult, of course). Well, as you can see on the picture, it turned out real great. Both with the food and with their self-esteem. 

The kids have been taking turns sleeping at their granny. They absolutely love spending time with her. 
On this picture my mother had put up miss Ruth's hair the same way she used to do her own when she was a young girl. Beautiful!

My strong and kind sons came with me to do the monthly groceryshopping. It was so much easier to do it with their help. I just love these guys so much.

My husband and miss J also joined in a bit later. I wish we had cupons here, like they do in the states. Our monthly shopping always looks something like this & we would probably save a lot of money if there were cupons...

Yesterday my kind mr Björklund put up some of our advent stars and coloured lights. I just love them and I have hardly been able to wait. I know that people here in Sweden traditionally do this on the 1 of December... But I want to enjoy it longer then that! 

Today we've had a familytime day with lots of board games and fun. Almost like tournaments! Lots of laughter and fun going on. I think traditional games are a great way of practising good social skills and learning to be humble (instead of watching movies, video games or TV-games all the time). We are a bit strict with what the kids are allowed to do. So no more then maximum one movie a day or one program on the TV. A grown up parent is always around joining in on the activities with the kids. The rest of the time we bake, play games, talk, play, do outdoor activities, cook together, read books, do sports, colour or talk. I think the children will benefit from that in the long run. The older teens or adult kids have a different set of roules, since they are young adults and need to start taking responsibility for their own lives. A lot of the time they actually do choose to hang out with the rest of us... 

Here miss J's playing with her older sister. Jemima loves being outside, but actually settled today with watching through the window in the door.

Gabriel recieved a gift today. He's started to collect things he needs when he moves away from home. (All the older kids have actually). It's a super cute coffe brewer. He was quite pleased with it actually! 
The pregnancy is getting heavier and I am more tired. But all we go through strengthens us. I hope to be strong and in a good spirit when the delivery finally starts! 

Some of us are having a harder time then others right now. And when one person in the family is extra vulnerable - the rest of us support that person even more. 
So my darling - this too shall pass. Even if it doesen't feal like that right now... You will arise and then you'll be even stronger then before. I believe in you! And I always love you!


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