We almost lost her... Planning ahead now.

My morning started early today. I went up and packed my brunch. I was fasting since midnight because of the test I was goin to take later on. 
I had a serious case of diabetes during my last pregnancy, when I had to take injections up to 5 times a day. And my bloodsugar was like a rollercoaster. 

The test took 2,5 hours to perform. I brought tea, lactose free lemon yoghurt with oat cereals (in my favourite Tupperware cup) and a dubbelsandwish with a fried egg. My husband dropped me off at the midwifes office downtown.
This is the sugar drink I had to drink. It tastes absolutely awful! First we took my bloodsugar, while still fasting. Then I had my drink. After drinking it I had to remaine seated for two hours while my body dealt with the massive amount of sugar. I actually don't get a sugar rush. Instead I get really tired and sleepy, since I normally don't even eat sugar.
This is my third test this pregnancy and it was indicated because the baby is growing so big. 
Well, after the two hours wait it was time to take the bloodsugar again. And it was really good! 

I am SO happy. My diabetes doctor said to me, after finally giving me a clean bill of health four months after my last pregnancy, that I would get diabetes every pregnancy in the future. 
I refused to accept that! So I have worked really hard to stay healthy this time. During the entire pregnancy I've walked as much as my serious SPD has allowed me. I have eaten mostly vegetarian food and stayed away from sugar,  candy and bakeries. I bake a lot, but my family has gladly "offered themselves" to eat it instead of me. 
I am so glad that my hard work has payed off. My baby will be more healthy and so am I. Good job to me! I have beaten the odds!

This picture is from the internet. I have two appointments on Wednesday. The first one is to the laboratory to take some bloodwork. I am on strong bloodthinners and we need to be in control of the concentration (the level of bloodthinners in my blood) and my bloods ability to clot before I go into labour.
The second appointment is to our OB. We are going to verify the deliveryplan and go through the remaining big things to plan.
Since my last delivery lasted for only 15 minutes we're gonna try to control this somehow. Miss J was born so fast that her skull was crushed during delivery and she suffered from several severe brainbleeds and epilepsy. 
We don't want anything like that to happen this time around!

This picture is from when she was at the ICU & we didn't know if she was going to live or die. She had an emergency baptism when she (on top of everything else) also got a sepsis.
Well, as the last picture shows, the doctors want to give me an epidural this time. I have never used any kind of painrelief during delivery except for laughing gas. The reason behind that is that I'm really afraid of the technical side of distributing the epidural. I work as a nurse anaesthesia and I've seen when things go wrong.
The plan is to use the epidural as a "brake" to try to slow everything down. 
That might just work. After giving me the epidural the doctors plan to induce labour. Everything just to try to have some kind of control.

I am sceptic, but I feel that I have to do everything I can to give this baby the best chance ever! 
Going into spontaneous labour could be really dangerous for both of us. I am at the end of this pregnancy, so it's time to finalise the planning. I have thought about this the entire pregnancy and I'm glad we're finally there. That's Wednesday's heartache...

Here is miss J kissing her babysister inside my pregnant belly. She loves doing that and started doing it about two monts ago. Somehow it seems God is preparing her heart for being a big sister <3 She is to young to know...

Well, the house is dark. I'm alone up with a cup of tea. Thinking ahead to when I get to hold our new baby in my arms! 
Until then I'll continue to do that little extra for my family, to walk the extra mile, to hug and kiss them a lot so they all feel that I really love them and that they are my entire world!


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