The whole gang together again.

We've had some very previous times because all the kids have actually been home. That doesn't happen very often since we live in different parts of the country. 

My oldest daughter, her youngest son toddler S and the boyfriend came home for a couple of days. 
We all enjoyed it so very much! I just absolutely love having them all home at the same time. For a couple of days I felt complete.

Here is a picture of almost everybody. Rafael is missing and mr Björklund took the picture. Hanging out together is so much fun.

Rebecca and her boyfriend gave me a perfect bouquet of flowers when they arrived. It still looks beautiful after a week.

Team toddler had a great time together. I think they challenged each other the entire time... So adorably cute together.

I'll wright more another day. Right now I just want to update you on the pregnancy... It turned out (on Wednesday) that the baby is growing very fast. We made a third ultrasound then. The baby was doing great and I was so happy to se her again. 
Well, the consequence is that I'm meeting my midwife in Monday for some more tests and then on Wednesday the coming week, I'll be meeting up with our doctor again to talk through some options.
Last weeks of pregnancy now... I feel beautiful and I know I'm gonna be holding her in my arms soon.
How exciting that is and what a privilege! I almost can't wait. But I will.


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