The basinette

I have been extremely tired today, so I spent half the day sleeping. My husband is so good with miss J, so I never worry when he has her with him.

I am very pregnant now and the baby is growing fast. This phase of the pregnancy is very tiring & I feel the weight of the baby & uterus press down in my pelvic. That meens constantly running to the toilet. And the Braxton hicks doesn't make it easier. I actually didn't have them at all during my last pregnancy, but am really compensating for that this time...
I took these selfies this morning. I have my hair down, which I usually never do. My hair is extremely thick and heavy. And it's now past my waistline. So I normally have it braded. I do think it's very beautiful with women that wear their long hair out.

The uterus is huge now and the SPD makes me wiggle like a drunk duck when I walk. Looks quite funny actually...

Miss J had her daddy drive her around the apartment, around and around, in her little trolly. Her beloved doll was pressed tightly to her chest. So happy and so cute! 

Then I spent the evening mending things that needed mending. For example this clothdiaper, which is one of our favourites. The mending turned out really good.

I have embedded the sheets in the basinette. It turned out really nice. We recieved it from a muslim mother, who wanted to bless our family when she heard that we have so many kids and were expecting again. I have never had anything like this before and I am so delighted for this. The only person missing now is the little star herself. 

I saw this sign the other day and it actually made me laugh. Being huge and nine months pregnant "justifies" even strangers to have questions and opinions about my body, my pregnancy and my unborn child. That actually drives me nuts and I hate it. Especially when they want to perform some ritual kind of bellyrubbing on my bump without even asking me if it's okej... I often have to swallow my urge to emediatelly reach out and rub their breast (yes, it's almost always woman doing this) eagerly commenting on their size and looks *hehe*. Well, one of these days... Being pregnant does not make my body public property!
And Yes, I have tried everything... Except for cleaning my windows (but I ain't doing that). So I'm just gonna rest all I can and hope that the appointment at the delivery on Tuesday will jiggle things along a little bit!

And something pink... This is what I would like to have for Christmas. I love homeknitted items and I think this necklace  is awesome! I'm just hoping that maybe my mother will be inspired and make one for me. Since it's knitted the baby can both pull it, play with it and suck on it without it braking. That would be such a luxury. I would like it in a little darker pink colour though.


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