My happy place

The best thing I know is the ocean. Or sitting on the shore and watching the ocean. The sky being the only limit. The horizon mysteriously showing itself far far away... That gives me absolute peace inside. I come from a long line of sea captains, so I guess it's in my blood. 
I used to live by the shore of this beautiful  ice sea. Our house was just on the shore. It is in the most northern parts of the world, in a place called "The gateway to Arctic" Tromsø Norway. 
I loved living and working there. The climate is subarctic and the weather could change between storm, rain, snow and pale sun in just a heartbeat. So the living conditions are tough and not for everyone. Then there is no sun at all during the winter season and only sun (no darkness) during the midsummer season. It is the best place in the world to se the Northern Lights (aurora borealis). 
I left a huge part of my soul there when I moved back to Sweden. I miss it almost every day. My precious oldest grandson is actually born there. On an extremely stormy night where we risked our lives to get from the tiny island we lived on and across the only bridge to the mainland where the hospital is located. That was an exciting trip.

Well, I have nothing like that were we live now. There are trees everywhere here and no trees up in Tromsø (well, very small ones - but they hardly count as trees).
The water I can find around here is when I fill up my water glass and shake it - just to pretend I'm watching a storm pass by ... 
It sounds tragic, but that's not my intention. Well, I am filled up with water right now anyways, with all the extra water the pregnancy causes me to have and all the amniotic fluid. So there is actually plenty of water to go around right now. *smile*

Well, I have a "Happy place" here as well and that is in front of my beloved sewing mashine! Tonight I got to sit and sew undisturbed for about three hours. My soul danced!
I am a very creative person. I think in different forms and colours. I love painting, sewing, drawing, reading, music etc. So this is a little bit like resting my soul on the shore of the majestic Arctic waters. I have let my fingers work and my thoughts wander off wherever they have wanted to drift.

I lit some fragranced candles and sat down to work on what I had in mind. I smiled to myself when I realised that I'm really going through a "nesting" phase right now - preparing the house for the new babys arrival.

First I used this beautiful fabric and sew some curtains for our bedroom. Green is my husbands favourite colour. The fabric is quite robust, so it will keep the sunshine out during the summer. 

This is how it turned out after my husband put them up for me. We have coloured lightning in the bedroom, that's why the colour is hard to see (pink light, of course...) They are almost 3 meters long, since the ceiling on that side of the house is really high.

Out of this beautiful red fabric I made a new tablecloth. It fits our huge kitchen table and I'm going to use it during the Christmas season. 

The last things I made tonight are these "pacifier holders". I made matching pares for my little girls. Miss J's gonna get the "Big sister"-ones when the baby arrives. The rest are for Christmas. I love the green ones and the ones that says "Sisters". I am pleased with the result of my creative work tonight. I feel refreshed!

Miss J had a fun time earlier tonight helping me out in the kitchen. I was making scrambled eggs, so she also wanted some utensils. Then she started having really fun with them & being silly happy with them. It fits perfect as a helmet on her *lol*.

Miss J and her dad were spooning together in the nursery this morning. They were so cute that I just had to take a picture of them playing together. Both of them were to tired to go down for breakfast yet.

I got a gift today that I look forward to start using. It's a tin can for tea bags. I have wanted one for a long time, but we simply can't afford putting money into things like that. Today someone gave me one as a gift. I am so happy. I have extremely much tea, so it's gonna be fun to put some of it "on display".

I have spent a lot of time today thinking about this fun girl, that I love so much. My oldest daughter <3 Rebecca.
She has had a tough year and just moved to a new apartment with her little family. I admire her for never giving up, for always standing up for herself and her boys. And for her great sence of humour. She is actually one of the most funny persons I've ever known!
We live far from each other. I live in the middle of Sweden and she lives in the south. That meens that we don't get to spend so much time together, but we usually compensate by blabbering on the phone every day.
Tomorrow she has an appointment to do an MRI on her wounded knee and I wish I could be there for her. I hope everything goes well, hunny! I love you & keep fingers and toes crossed. But most importantly, I'll say a little prair for you! 

And now... Something pink! We have limited space this year and a toddler who's going to do her best to tare down my beautiful pink Christmastree. So I'm thinking of maybe doing as we used to do in Finland when I grew up and hang it from the ceiling instead of putting it on the floor. We are going to try of we can get it done in a good manner. Otherwise we're gonna have to try to solve it some other way.
I am looking forward to seeing miss J's reaction to my pink Christmas tree ;)
The baby's gonna be so small that she'll probably mostly still be focused on breastfeeding and sleeping. 

I am longing for Tuesday and the doctors appointment at the Delivery ward. I hope and pray that our precious little baby will come this week. Almost everything is ready for her arrival now. And I am both calm and super nervous to give birth again. I just want to get it over with now. 
Let my body and mind drift away in the massive and awesome, powerful, raw display of natures power that is called childbirth!


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