Last midwife appointment

It has been a long and fun day today. We went to the midwife to do the last summary before baby comes. 

Everything was great with both the baby and my values. We made a last check that everything is prepared and written in my journal as well.
Tomorrow morning we're going in to the delivery. They are going to do the membrane sweep. I have never done that and it's gonna be nervous. 
Then we'll wait and see if that juggles things along or not. Otherwise we're gonna go back on Thursday for the actual induction. 
All of this feels surreal... I mean - tomorrow night we might be holding our baby girl - or not. Brr... The excitement makes me shiver.

For the first time in months I actually wear makeup today. It has felt good to pamper myself a bit, since I might be giving birth within 24 hours. That is such a hard job. I don't run marathons... My deliveries are sprinters that are extremely intense. So that's what I'm preparing myself for mentally!

Most of all we are praying for the baby to be born without any complications or damages! That is our most important wish.

Miss J has been wearing a supercute dress today, that a friend bought for her in Portugal last summer. It fits her perfectly and she looks adorable!

I'm gonna miss this girl the days we're gonna have to spend at the hospital with the new arrival. She lights up our lives so much and I am so proud of the way she's approaching life. 
She is like a bumblebee. Aerodynamically it can't fly! But nobody has told the bumblebee that - so it flies anyway! 
Miss J's like that! The doctors said that she wouldn't develop normally, but she doesn't know that. So she IS! Every day is a new victory. 
Since we stay home with her, train her, read to her, sing to her, love her etc and practise parenting that puts her needs first (attachment parenting) she feels safe. Then she can put her energy, in her own pace and her own conditions, on growing up and mastering everything she needs to know! Good girl! Thank you God <3

Mr Björklund and I took the time to eat a nice takeout today from our favourite restaurant. It was what I've been longing for, for a very long time! It tasted extremely nice. Thank you Yokikos sushi!

My oldest son got a haircut today and it looks really nice. He is so tall and handsome. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. In just two months he'll be an adult! I am so proud of him!

This is homemade sour milk (filbunke). My grandmother taught me to do that almost 20 years ago, in Finland. I started making it again yesterday and this morning I could enjoy perfectly tasting smooth sour milk.

My mother doesn't want to have her picture published, so the emoji has to act out her delight for her.
Well, the story behind this picture is that she has talked a lot about the fact that she doesn't want a Christmastree this year. The reason is that she'll be going away to stay with my sister for half a year in Canada, just after New Years.
So we helped her solve that problem! Now she has a small (paper) Christmas tree with ornaments. Her face was priceless when she recieved it! *smile*

And now... Something sparkly and pink! 
This is what I aim to do tomorrow! Keep calm and sparkle!
I am going to do my very best and rest assured that I'm in good hands. I am so grateful Mr Björklund's gonna be right there with me, by my side, through all this!


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