Father's Day

Today is Father's Day here in Sweden. We have taken the day to celebrate two men that has had the greatest impact on mine and the children's lives. 
First, my father. As some of you know he passed away suddenly in a massive heart attack 9 yrs ago, only 54 years old. He was my best friend, a great doctor and talented researcher. He basically taught me everything I ever needed to know about raising a family, but also a lot about the profession we shared. I salute him today and I miss him. Happy Fathers Day dad <3

The other person we have celebrated today is my husband mr Björklund. He is such a rolemodel for both his family, the kids and people he meet. He has a gentle heart and a humble spirit. He is the best husband and father I could ever want. And he's an awesome grandfather to R & S. Thank you mr Björklund, for loving this family so much. Thank you for giving so much of yourself every day, to young and old members of the family. Thank you for coping with everything life throws at us, even though our resources are limited. We salute you. This day has been about you!

Miss J made a congratulations card for her hero - daddy! She loved doing the handprint in watercolour and never wanted to stop... 

Today she had on a denim skirt and her Sunday shoes with red satin flowers on. She felt so pretty that she had to sit down several times just to look at them and feel them. Our precious toddler!

The family dinner turned out great. Grams was also here. We enjoyed a simple, but very nice dinner. After that we had pink cake with raspberry cream. It was delicious. Our oldest son made the cake today.
Then it was time for presents. Mr Björklunds favourite colour is green. We had bought him a beautiful green can made for rope. And then some fairtrade green rope to go with it. He was very surprised and loved the gifts!
We have started the real countdown waiting on the new baby. I am glad that we had this day as a family before the new arrival. 
So many things will change in the dynamics of the family, even if this child will be number eight. 
They are all individually so very precious though. I often wonder and dream about what personality this little girl growing inside me will have... Most of all I want her to be healthy and born without any complications.
Tomorrow I'm going in for yet another check up. We are approaching due date, so the checkups are increasing in number. But, better to be safe then sorry.
I love my family so very much. You guys are my reason for living and for everything I do. I look forward to spending the rest of my life being your mother, grandmother, friend, confidante and the wife of mr Björklund.


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