Chef Skalman & some pink thoughts.

Today we had the last parent/teacher conference at my oldest sons school before he comes of age (18 yrs here). After that he personally has to invite me to come, because I'm no longer allowed to then since he's gonna be an adult. Well, my chef son is doing excellent in school! He excelled in everything. Especially the subjects mental training & sports. He even takes extra classes outside his curriculum, just for fun! I am so proud of him. He has really turned his life around. Good job son! 
I am so proud of him!
Then we went to pick up miss J from granny's place where she spent the afternoon playing.
She tried on a really cute bonnet. She must have felt very pretty, cause she was giggling the whole time. What a cutie!

I had some extra fun too. During an hour I got to sort through my mothers huge selection of buttons. I picked out the ones I liked most (in different colours). There is this project that I have been thinking about and planning for a really long time and I hope that I get time to do the crafts I have imagined now. I'm gonna show the end result later, once I'm done.

I just love arts and crafts. Looking through the buttons was really fun and I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve.
Tomorrow is a busy day. Miss J's gonna spend half the day at her beloved grams while we're at the hospital. I'm really goin to try to stand my ground here. I'm glad my husband is going with me. But doctors can be awfully stubborn to discuss with...

Here are five of my kids out on a Sunday walk together. They are number 1-4 & nr 6. Their names are Rebecca, Salomo, Gabriel, Ruth & Nathanael. Emanuel and Jemima was home with me at the time.

Here is a picture of the two of them having some tlc-time together. 

Well, I chose to believe in myself and my ability to work through things. Tomorrow's appointment is stressing me out a bit. But my body has given birth before and I can do this! I know I can! I am an outstanding lady with a bunch of outstandingly beautiful, clever and awesome children. I love my family.

I have decided to start posting pink things here on the blog. For you who don't know me yet... I LOVE pink! It is by far my favourite colour. Mostly because it really makes me happy. And I'm not talking about just "happy". But bubbly, sparkling down in my gut, glittering bling happy. That is pink for me. So - pink it will be. I need more of it in my life. So I'll offer to give you a dose of it as well ;* 
I'm heading towards a warm bath now before going to bed. I find it relaxing and I use the time to practise my Lamaze breathing. I use the teqnique everytime I give birth. And since the due date is drawing near I'll devote some time to practise it every day now until the baby comes. I can't wait to hold her in my arms. What a miracle <3



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