Canvas and a blessing

Today we spent half the day at the church's open preeschool with miss J. 
She had incredibly fun playing with the other toddlers. They also have a little devotion for the kids every time. I like that.

Her dad played with her the whole time and learned a lot of new children's songs (with movements added to them).  There were incredibly many kids there today. Eleven moms and five dads. All on maternity/paternity leave. Everybody had brought between 1-3 kids with them. Soo much play and laughter going on.

This was one of the most fun things they did today. They took a large canvas  and wigwagged it over the kids while singing a fun song. Miss J was absolutely thrilled!

My oldest son had bought a lovegift for me. He gave me a can with root beer (my favourite). You can't buy it in that many places here, so this was pure luxury! Teenage love!

My husband planted the flower my mother bought us the other day. The plan is that it's gonna bloom around advent. 

He did a good job planting.

We have another one that's already blooming. A little bit to early, but it's beautiful. 
I'm normally allergic to this kind of flower, but this time around it's still ok and I haven't had any reactions yet.

He surprised me with one more thing today... He baked a spongecake really late evening. Half the cake is regular spongecake and the other end contains apples with cinnamon/sugar. It was a nice surprise and tasted really nice. Half an hour later now and the boys have finished it all off already. ;)

Light, fluffy and very sugary.

Today I brought in the double wagon. We were so incredibly blessed when we got this. I was going to throw away some garbage about a year ago. Then all of a sudden this guy walks in and brings this wagon with him. He told me that he and his wife didn't want to go through all the trouble with selling it, so he was just gonna leave it there for someone else to take. So I asked him if there was anything wrong with it & there was not! It even had the raincover included. And it's an Emmaljunga (really good brand). So I told the man that I needed it so he gave it to me and said "God bless you". 
I can now drive both the baby and miss J in this wagon. Today I wiped it off and put on new reflexes etc. Miss J immediately climbed into it and made herself at home. We are so blessed!

Today's pink is going to be these supercute cupcakes. I love all the details in it. I wish I had the supplies to make pretty little cupcakes like this. Because then that would really be my new hobby.
My husband has fallen asleep in the livingroom couch. The rest of the house is quiet and they are all sleeping.
I'm going to go upstairs and put sheets in the baby's bassinet. Then almost everything is ready for her. 
Come baby - come! Mommy can't wait!


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