Babywearing & attachment parenting

I had a "Hans and Greta"-moment today, when I tried my best to push my nine months pregnant body into the oven. That didn't end in anything else then a clean oven and back pain. No contractions what so ever.. :/

Earlier today we were invited to my mother for Sunday lunch. A relative of ours had just come back from Finland and was also visiting. We had a really nice time together. Bless you dear!
Our relative brought with her something of the best I know. Karelian pirogues! 
I serve them with a salt and pepper, butter and egg spread. Absolutely delicious!

My awesome mother had finished knitting a second pair of socks for miss J. Mr Björklund bought the yarn in Finland 1,5 years ago, when he was there on a mission trip. 
The socks turned out great and miss J has hardly wanted to take them off all day.

I found something that made me happy today. We're into babywearing in our family & miss J spends a lot of time in the Ergo being carried around by her dad. We also practise attachment parenting. To us that meens to take extra notice to what the child needs, it's personality  and adjust our parenting accordingly. 
We have children of all ages (some are adults by now) so we have had a lot of practice and we have this attitude even with the older ones. We talk things through with them & decide together.
Miss J is still co-sleeping many nights with us. I think it's important to follow her lead on which nights she wants to sleep in her own bed and which nights she wants to be in ours. She's still so young that I prioritise her feeling safe and happy, then for me to get an undisturbed nights sleep. That time will come eventually... It has with all the older kids. 

Well, we have entered the Christmas season now and what I saw today is related to that. 

Note the babywearing mrs Santa Claus! I just love that! Go Santa!

Tomorrow I'm going to the midwife for one of the last checkups during this pregnancy (at least that's the plan...)
We are going to talk through what I've written in the letter to the delivery ward about my wishes, hopes and needs.
I have given birth so many times now that I specifically know what I want and what I don't accept at all. At least I feal secure with that part. The rest of the birthing process is different every time. You can never predict how it will be or how the baby will be like. The most important thing for me is that she's born alive and well!

I saw a tutorial today on how to make this "tiger cake". It's on YouTube. I love the awesome colours of the cake. Hopefully I'll get around to making one soon... 

I found a cute Christmasgift for miss J tonight. A lady in one of the sales groups that I've joined on Facebook posted these items for sale. I have ordered the dark pink ballerina skirt. It was only ~3$ (30 kr). Miss J's gonna be so cute in it! 

I took in the double wagon the other night to prepare it for the girls. I have washed it and put on reflexes. The baby is going to lay in a lift on the left side and miss J's gonna sit on the right side. Miss J's new favourite play is to climb in and out, in and out, in and out... I love seing her so happy!

And something pink as usual! I love cute cupcakes and of course these are some of my favourites (with pink Christmastrees  AND glitter in!!!) Today someone actually gave us a plastic large green Christmas tree. We already have my pink one, but I'm thinking of having the green one downstairs and the pink one on the upper floor. We're just gonna have to try it out and see how it works out.

Well, it's late (again) and I'm gonna go downstairs and make myself some crackers and a glass of lactose free milk before going to bed. I'm really exchausted after spending a couple of hours this evening playing on the floor with miss J and reading her the favourite book over and over and over again (Max balja). I think the pregnancy hormones are starting to prepare me for staying up nursing a baby again all night long, because even if I'm really tired - I'm not sleepy. I have to lay down in a dark room for that to happen. 

It's gonna be a really nervous and exciting week for me. I'll tell you more about it later <3

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2014-11-17 @ 12:10:00

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