Life guard

I stumbled across this picture today and it really touched my heart. We are having a tough time with someone in our social life. This picture was exactly what the family needed today. Because sometimes one needs a reminder to look up from the problems and see the salvation of The Lord instead. Because His ways are not our ways!

And He is always closer to us then we know. He sees things from a different perspective. I love daily devotionals. And also reading about what other families and women go through. 

And I also love water, so I guess this picture spoke more then words can say to me today.

Bless you, whatever you are going through!

Joy comes in the morning!

Today is a cold spring day. We still have minus degrees during nighttime and both me and baby J have dressed a bit extra.

On the news today we learned that president Putin has made it illegal to swear in Russia. And the fines were high for doing it as well. 
Now that would never work here in Sweden. Sadly the moral compass was buried a long time ago and people swear as common language. I find that rude and strange, since I'm a foreigner in this country and grew up with a completely different culture where you don't swear. I was taught that a person using that kind of language simply doesn't have anything to say.

I have had a couple of really great days. There has been moments of pure happiness and I give the honour for that to God. 
A decade ago my life, and the kids lives were a living hell. I am so very glad for the strength God gave me to start changing the things that were so wrong. I have changed who I spend time with and what I do with my time.

Life has been very rough. I have loved and lost, I have buried three of my children and with them so many hopes and dreams. A couple of years ago I became deadly ill and even received the last anointing. 
A few years ago I even moved away from this country, that has never been my home. It is my children's birth country though, so I came back to sort things out once and for all. And to forgive some of the people that really hurt me. This work is still in project.
I have been lied to, hated, my kids have been subjects of violence and mistreatment. A lot of it because I have never wanted to compromise wih my faith in God. He is my strength and my joy. Even family members are still resistant and can't forgive, forget and start over although some of them have prominent positions in a church.

I love the scripture that says "Joy comes in the morning".
In my case it really did! Joy came!
The life we lead now is calm, joyfull and happy. My husband is my true north and my safe haven. I have a few really close friends that I love and who loves me back.  My children's lives has changed completely. I have changed a lot. God is truly blessing me, blessing us. 

Continue praying until something happens. And trust in The Lord. He will carry you through. And in the midst of sadness, sorrow, grieve, hardship and trials - you can experience true joy in the morning!

Some late night thoughts

We had sushi at my favourite restaurant the other day. Yukikos sushi in Uppsala. They make the pieces big and the food is always tasty and very fresh.

Sometimes I fantasise about living in Asia and being able to eat sushi every day. I really could live on only that for years. 

This is the kind of birthday cake I want this year. I really don't like cream, cookies or even candy. And I'm allergic to lactose, so I'm hoping for something like this...

Baby J is growing up so fast! Now she's able to sit up by herself and she's really exploring the world around her. I love her enthusiasm with everything. She is such an easy baby and she is always in a good mood. Maby God new I needed this kind of child now that I'm an older parent? Well, I think so! 
She still loves breastfeeding and I'm happy she does. It is so easy to give her some milk when she's tired, thirsty or hungry. I am dreading the time when I'm gonna have to remember the bottle as well when we go out.

I haven't written in a while, because life has kept me so very busy. I dream about travelling up to Northern Norway soon again. Both to enjoy the Aurora, but also to spend time with one of my closest people in the world. I love the quiet, cold, beautiful north and I sometimes just want to pack everything up and move back there. But our lives are here now. This is the right place at the right time. I am certain of it.  I'll keep you updated on the travelplans though. That will be baby J's first time flying 😉.

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