Yellow roses

Baby J turns 1 in just a couple of days. Today she got two new dolls (hand me down). She's really interested in their hair. 

She also got to do one of the best things that she knows today. To hang out with her oldest brother! She even got to borrow one of his play consoles. Now, that was a happy girl. Here they're watching something on the computer together.

Mr Björklund has spent the day at the hospital, being under observation. He's doing okay. But his guardian angel worked really hard yesterday. I am so glad he's fine. 

I made codfish for lunch today. I prepared it in the oven with some breadcrumbs, spices and lemon. It tasted great!

It was my dad's birthday yesterday. So today we went to the grave with some beautiful yellow roses for him. My dad loved yellow roses!

Then I had one of those cravings that you can get when you're pregnant. So late tonight I started making chocolate rolls. I used cold coffe to make them taste extra rich. They are cooling in the fridge now.

It's after midnight. I'm up with a little lady that just threw up and now she can't sleep. She's having a blast with her toys & her dolls. I love her enthusiasm! 

Tired, a bit sick, far to warm (not feverish), but very very happy.


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