Unpacking nerds

Today we've been away all day. First downtown to run errands and to dine out. Here is a baby J at the china restaurant.

They have an aquarium there and she's very fascinated by the fishes. She waves at them and tries to eat them through the glass.

After that we went to sort through some boxes. That was a very warm job! 

But we had lots of fun doing it. We joked around, played games and laughed a lot.

There was one thing I found in my husbands childhood belongings. That was this cap with built in flyenet in front of the eyes. The problem is that the net makes it impossible to see!!!

I married a nerd. He he. 
Well, we got the job done.
I can't wait for cooler days. This is simply to warm for me.  I look forward to cooler days!

These are some of the flowers on my mothers balcony. They're beautiful!


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