My 40:th birthday

It has been a calm and nice day today. I have been looking forward to leaving my thirties behind me, and now I have. 

The beautiful cake that my bonus daughter made for me today.

My mom had bought donuts. They were delicious. I haven't eaten donuts in many ears. 

People gave me beautiful flowers today. This is just one of them.

During my thirties I was a victim of violence in a close relationship, I survived two deadly diseases and my Dad died. It was a very hard decade personally.

This decade is going to be great. I have been declared healthy against all odds. I have two great grandsons. And soon eight living kids and three already with Heavenly Father. 
On the picture is my husband, with baby J and my grandson baby S.
Now I live with the kindest man I have ever known, my best friend and husband. I have a wonderful family and great kids. "Yes, it is good to be alive!"

My oldest daughter and grandson early this morning.

My oldest son and youngest daughter.

Our new car that we bought today. So good to have a larger car.

Some highlights of the gifts I got today.

The most humorous gift I got was from a Finn relative of mine. It is a pink toilet seat. She knows I love pink and butterflies. It takes a Finn to tango...

The funniest package I got today. The text in Swedish translates: "Congratulations Mom on your ... Birthday." My eternal 25 *smile*.

One of my absolute favourite flowers in the world!
The day has felt like this:

Over all it has been one of my best birthdays. One that I have longed for and looked forward to for a long time.

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Omg va söta barnen var!:000

2014-07-27 @ 00:41:21

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