Mango and polka pretzels

Today has been a warm day. It started with baby J getting to know the concept of plastic animals. Her relatives gave them to her at Christmas, but she was way too small for them then.
Today she has learned to growl like a lion and bark like a dog. We're gonna continue working on the rest.

I made a delicious salad for supper tonight. Served on the side to some barbecue. 

It contains for example sprouts, chilli, mango, koriander and cashew. 

I roasted the cashew in floating honey. It was very tasty.

We also went ahead and bought a hand me down stroller for baby J. Mr Björklund thought that the best thing with it is that the handle is adjustable. So for the first time ever he can push a stroller comfortably. 
It is a Graco. We really like it.

I ended the day with going to the grocery store. Luckily there was a frozen yoghurt bar. So I went all out and bought one.
Frozen yoghurt, fresh strawberrys, fresh mulberrys, fresh mango,  a sprinkle each of polka pretzels and of white chocolate. Then some saus to top it off. A rare luxury.

No cloud on my sky today. I'm hoping for a cooler day tomorrow though. 😉


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